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Sewer Rehabilitation by CIPP (2022)

Project background

Utilities Kingston cleans and inspects the sanitary sewer pipe network in the City of Kingston on a 12-year cycle.  As a result of these inspections, pipes are identified that require rehabilitation or reconstruction.  Typically, if defects are caught early enough, the pipe can be be rehabilitated proactively with a trenchless (no-dig) method called 'cured-in-place pipe' or CIPP for short. 

CIPP is a rehabilitation method that involves pulling or inverting a resin-saturated liner into the sewer, pressurizing it so it expands and adheres to the host pipe, and then curing the resin with hot water, steam or UV light.  Once cured, the liner itself forms a fully-structural new pipe inside the original defective host pipe. 

The CIPP method is well-established and more cost-effective compared to traditional pipe excavation and replacement.  It ensures that the infrastructure will maintain an adequate level of service for well over 50 years into the future.  It also has the benefits of eliminating joints and providing a complete seal against inflow and infiltration of groundwater.  More importantly, for residents, it is a much quicker process with only minor inconveniences in comparison to traditional open-cut pipe replacement.

Services affected

  • Wastewater


Inspection data is reviewed for suitability of pipes for lining.  Once pipes are identified to a) require rehabilitation, and b) suitable for CIPP technology, they can be added to this program, ideally in an area-by-area approach for rehabilitation.

For the first year (2020), the Kingscourt neighbourhood was identified as a suitable candidate area for sewer rehabilitation.  Approximately 50 pipes will be lined in total upon completion of that area, in the spring of 2021.   Approximately 80% of the work was completed last year but some final work remains and will be completed in the Spring of 2021.

For year two (2021), the Strathcona Park area is planned.  This area has since been expanded to include select pipe assets in other adjacent neighbourhoods as well, including Grenville Park, Hillendale, Calvin Park, and Polson Park.  Please see the map above for the general work area.

For year three (2022), it is intended to work in the Williamsville District.  There are additional one-off pipe segments scattered throughout the City that may also be added as the need arises.

Please note - if your home or property will be affected by this project, you will receive multiple notifications hand-delivered by our contractor to notify you when the work will happen, and anything you may need to do to prepare, or not do, during this process.  Contact names, phone numbers and emails will be provided on notices, and are also available at the bottom of this webpage. 

Note that this process may be refined in light of COVID-19 considerations.

Pipe Cleaning by Empipe

Design and Construction

Construction for 2021 has not commenced. It is expected to commence in the spring and will proceed through the summer and fall.

Generally speaking, the pipe preparation works precede the lining by 2-4 weeks. 

The elements of construction include the following:

  • Video inspection by CCTV.  Videos are completed at minimum three times for the sewer lining process, and include V1 (pre-works inspection), V2 (post-pipe preparation inspection) and V3 (post-CIPP or final inspection).  This is a simple process with no risk or disruption in service to customers.   A mobile camera is run from one maintenance hole to the next.
  • Pipe Preparation.  Preparation of pipes for lining may include the following tasks:
    • Cleaning.  The pipe is cleaned with a high-pressure jet to remove debris, grease and other materials in the sewer.
    • Reaming.  If roots and other hard-deposits are found, reaming of these materials will be required using a robotic cutter.
    • Void filling.  If significant voids are present, they may need to be filled robotically prior to lining.
    • Spot Digs.  If the majority of the host pipe is suitable for lining but one or two significant defects are identified that cannot be lined, spot repairs by digging may be required.  Lining remains cost effective even if one or two digs are required, but not much more than that.
    • The pipe preparation process does not result in an interruption to service.
  • CIPP Lining. The lining process involves multiple steps that typically happen over the course of a single day (12 hour period), as follows:
    • Insertion of liner.  A resin-saturated liner is delivered to site, and installed into the host pipe by pulling it in place or inversion.  This point begins the process that temporarily reduces service to customers.
    • Curing the liner. The liner is cured with heat, either using hot water, steam, or UV light.
    • Reinstatement of service.  Once cured, the new CIPP pipe ends are cut open, and a robotic cutter is inserted into the liner to cut open service connections.  After this is complete, the sewer is back into regular service.  This typically takes 4-6 hours.

The Contract has been awarded to InsituForm Technologies, LLC.  They will be performing the lining, with their subcontractor Empipe Solutions Ltd undertaking the inspections and pipe preparation.

Insituform CIPP Lining

Schedule and Project Downloads

CURRENT STATUS (November 18, 2021)

Carry-Over works from 2020 in Kingscourt:

  • Works from 2020 in Kingscourt were approximately 80% complete.  Notices were delivered specifically to residents in December 2020 indicating that works adjacent to their homes was still pending in 2021.   
  • Follow up lining works commenced on July 5th and are now all complete.
  • View the 2020 CIPP Project Progress Map to see completed sewer lines.

New Works for 2021 in Strathcona Park, Grenville Park, Hillendale, Calvin Park and Polson Park:

  • Initial Project Overview Notices were sent out in mid-March.
  • Pipe prep work by Empipe began on April 12th and initial round of work completed on May 14th. 
  • Lining work by Insituform commenced on July 5 and went for 4 weeks.
  • Insituform will be installing the majority of the outstanding sewer lines between September 27 and October 8th.
  • View the 2021 CIPP Project Progress Map to see the specific locations with planned works and if your property will be impacted by this work.

Planned Works for 2022 in Williamsville:

  • The scope of CIPP lining will be determined in winter 21/22.  A detailed map will be created prior to works commencing and added to this webpage.
  • Works will begin in the spring.  If the work will impact your property or servicing, you will be notified directly.


If at any time you experience an emergency you feel is related to this project, please touch base with the Contractor immediately.  If this is a less urgent matter pertaining to the contract, please touch base with Utilities Kingston staff member.

The Contract has been awarded to InsituForm Technologies LLC with subcontractor Empipe Solutions Ltd.  Contacts are provided below.

Utilities Kingston
Mike Fischer, P.Eng.
Utilities Engineer
85 Lappan's Lane
Kingston, ON K7L 4X7
Office: 613-546-1181, extension 2356
Utilities Kingston
Rachel Quittkat, C.E.T.
Engineering Technologist
85 Lappan's Lane
Kingston, ON K7L 4X7
Cell: 613-217-9277
Office: 613-546-1181, extension 2242
Insituform Technologies Ltd
Sinan Omari
Sr. Project Manager
3 Burford Road
Hamilton, ON L8E 3C6
Cell: 289-439-5683
Office: 905-561-1778, extension 480227
Empipe Solutions Ltd.
Mark Brown
General Superintendent
230 Hwy 20
Hannon, ON L0R 1P0
Cell: 905-531-1315