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Utilities Kingston website

Utilities Kingston provides customer-focused and cost-effective multi-utility services in Kingston, Ontario, including safe and reliable wastewater services to nearly 39,000 homes and businesses, while minimizing impact on the environment.

Employees maintain and operate:

  • 681 kilometres of linear assets
  • 6,822 maintenance holes
  • 31 sewage pumping stations that lift sewage so it can be moved by gravity to the treatment plants
  • nine combined sewer overflow tanks that help keep sewage out of waterways during a storm
  • and three wastewater treatment plants (including the state-of-the-art Ravensview Wastewater Treatment Facility, pictured above)

In 2022, we managed 35.8 million cubic metres of wastewater for our customers.

Multi-utility benefits

The unique structure of Utilities Kingston allows it to benefit from state-of-the-art technology and specialized staff that would not be available to each utility, were it to stand alone.

The team draws on its cross-functional expertise to develop skill sets and deliver efficient utility services. Employees share knowledge to help ensure the reliability of infrastructure for its customers. For example, if there’s an electric problem at a wastewater treatment facility, employees combine their multi-utility expertise to troubleshoot the control logic and get the equipment up and running more quickly.

Customer convenience benefits include one combined bill for multiple services, and one appointment to receive locates for multiple utility services when planning to dig.

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