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Utilities Kingston website

Utilities Kingston provides customer-focused and cost-effective multi-utility services in Kingston, Ontario, including safe and reliable gas distribution services to nearly 16,000 customers in Central Kingston.

Employees maintain and operate:

  • 259 kilometres of gas mains
  • 231 kilometres of gas services
  • 1,444 mainline gas valves to regulate, direct, and control flows
  • and nine gas pressure regulation stations

In 2022, we delivered 93.4 million cubic metres of natural gas to our customers. 

A reminder of another age

The image above shows the gas lamp on the west corner of Lower Union and King Street East. Gas street lighting just about ended with the 19th century, but one lamp remains and is maintained by Utilities Kingston.

Natural gas safety

Utilities Kingston puts safety first. Certified technicians help ensure public safety, while the goal that every employee goes home safely is upheld every day. While you’re visiting the website, check out related safety information for Call Before You Digsewer cross boresgas leaks and odourscarbon monoxide, and appliance safety.

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