Water or Electricity Disruptions

Report a Problem

Are you experiencing a utility issue not shown on the map? Report it 24/7 at 613-546-1181.

Remember, don’t enter a flooded area and if you see a downed tree, branch or wire, it could be live. Stay safely away! Learn more about powerline safety.

Ownership demarcation

Do you know where your responsibility for utility equipment ends and ours begins? Learn more.

Sometimes it’s necessary to schedule service interruptions so that we can perform system maintenance and ensure continued, reliable services to our customers. Other times, unforeseen events like weather, system damage, or accidents cause emergency utility disruptions that we can't plan for.

To help reduce the impact of these disruptions, it’s important for our customers to receive timely, accurate updates. This map provides details on power outages in the Kingston Hydro electricity distribution area, as well as water disruptions in the municipal water distribution system.

View Utilities Kingston service areas and search for your address. (If you require electricity service in the West or East areas of Kingston, please contact Hydro One at

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During unplanned or emergency disruptions,
maps are updated within one hour of a status change.

The map is updated by a control centre operator as quickly and accurately as possible, after crews have been dispatched. It will then be updated throughout the course of the outage.

While the utility aims to keep the map up-to-date, after-hours support is reduced. For this reason, map updates during evenings and weekends may take longer, or in some cases won’t be possible.

There are currently no disruptions to report for today.


The data is based on estimates and projections, and no representation is made that the posted materials are comprehensive or free from error. The outage data is provided "as is" without any guarantee or warranty of any kind, express or implied. During emergency or large outage situations, the data available may be limited, delayed, or not totally accurate because circumstances are constantly changing. Utilities Kingston does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the reliance, use, accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information.