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Utilities Kingston is committed to helping our customers save water, energy and money. 

To book your initial consultation, phone 613-546-1181 ext. 2285. If you rent your commercial space, please have written authorization from the building owner to install new water heating appliances. An individual who is able to provide information about your operations and water use, and who can provide signatures on behalf of your business must be present at the initial consultation.

A free energy and water efficiency walkthrough is offered at the same time as your water heater consultation, providing you with information and ideas on how your business can save energy, water and money...while taking advantage of local and provincial incentive programs.

Utilities Kingston covers the full cost of commercial water heaters. (However, you are responsible for the full cost of the installation, which can vary depending on your business needs.)

Rent local. Contact us to learn about water heater products, pricing and agreements to meet your business needs...and switch today