Water Conservation

Water is fundamental to life, yet is often taken for granted. By using water wisely today, we can reduce costs and environmental impacts while ensuring that future generations have the same access to clean water that we enjoy.

Why Save Water?

  • Saves money
  • Saves energy
  • Postpones costly upgrades
  • Protects the environment
  • Ensures water for future generations

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Water Service Leaks

Help conserve water and prevent property damage –identify and report potential leaks.

Preventative Plumbing Financial Assistance

You know that conserving water is wise, but did you know that it’s illegal to discharge storm water into the sanitary sewer? Get financial assistance to disconnect illegal foundation drains and sump pumps, and more! Learn about our preventative plumbing program.

Water conservation saves you money and keeps water affordable for the future.

  • Only 1% of our planet’s water is accessible and fresh.
  • Canada’s per capita water consumption is the second-highest amongst developed countries.
  • Water conservation delays the need to build more water treatment and distribution infrastructure. It also reduces the large amount of electricity needed to pump and treat this water.
  • In 2011, Utilities Kingston employed 120 workers to operate over $1 billion in water treatment, water distribution, and waste water treatment infrastructure assets.

Utilities Kingston offers the following programs to help our residential and commercial customers use less water and prevent run-off pollution:

Water Conservation
Water Conservation
@ Home
Rain Barrel Program
Water Efficiency
Retrofit Incentives

Did you know? We report annually to the Ministry of Energy on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and publish the reports on our website.

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