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Thank you for applying to the Utilities Kingston low-flush toilet rebate program for residential water customers. Please complete and submit the following form and include a clear photo of your receipt.

Residential toilet credit application form



By submitting your information and receipt, you agree that the following terms and conditions have been met:

  1. You currently have a residential water service account with Utilities Kingston (i.e. commercial customers are not eligible), for the home where the low-flush toilet is being installed to retrofit an existing low-efficiency toilet. The account holder must be the one to apply.
  2. You own or occupy the home where the toilet will be installed; however, if the home is rented or leased, you must have the required rights and authority to have the toilet installed.
  3. Building owners/managers will not use the toilet as a basis for applying to the Landlord and Tenant Board for the purposes of an increase in the annual rent amounts paid by tenants, above the annual rent-increase guideline permitted under the Residential Tenancy Act.

The low flow toilet purchase must meet the following technical specifications:

General requirements

  1. Only toilets with flush rates of 4.8 L per flush or lower qualify. 
  2. All notices required by Section 29(2) of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and all other notices and consents required to comply with all applicable privacy laws.

Eligible costs

The eligible cost is the cost of the toilet; no installation costs are eligible.


If you have questions about any of the above, please contact Utilities Kingston Conservation or contact 613-546-0000 and press '2' for Utilities Kingston and then '4' for conservation.

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