Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel Program

Garden-lovers: celebrate spring – get a home-delivered rain barrel to capture spring showers for use in your garden. Each spring, Utilities Kingston offers rain barrels for sale to its customers.  Order yours while quantities last by calling 613-546-0000. You can now order more than one rain barrel each year.

  • DELIVERY: The barrels will be delivered to customers' homes. No delivery appointment is required, and customers do not need to be home to receive their rain barrel.
  • COST: Rain barrels cost $50, including HST and delivery. This charge will be added to the customer's Utilities Kingston bill.
  • AVAILABILITY: Rain barrels are available to Utilities Kingston customers who receive municipal water and wastewater services in the City of Kingston.

The sale of rain barrels end September 30, 2019.


  • Rain barrels help protect the environment by reducing the amount of treated lake water used for watering plants and lawns, and diverting significant quantities of rainwater from the sewer system during storms.
  • They help conserve energy by reducing the amount of water and wastewater that needs to be treated and pumped.
  • Rain water contains minerals that makes it a healthier choice for plants than treated tap water.
  • Finally, rain barrels save you money by lowering your monthly water consumption and reducing the volume of water that must be treated and considered in infrastructure upgrades.

Installation and maintenance 

Visit Utilities Kingston's Water Conservation Garden  at 1211 John Counter Blvd. to see a rain barrel installation demonstration

Rain barrels are easy to install - just watch our video!

  1. Cut the existing downspout above the top of the rain barrel.
  2. Re-install the elbow so that it sits just above the centre of the rain barrel’s screen.
  3. Direct the overflow hose away from the foundation of your home.

    To maintain water pressure in longer hoses attached to a rain barrel, it may help to place the rain barrel on a platform two-to-three feet off the ground.

    Visit Utilities Kingston's Water Conservation Garden at 1211 John Counter Blvd. to see a rain barrel installation demonstration.

In the winter simply turn the barrel over so water does not accumulate and freeze, then re-install the downspout to direct snow melt away from your foundation.

Rain barrel features

Rain barrels are available in beige, have a capacity of approximately 210 Litres, and are approximately 34” high by 24” wide. They have a child-proof lid and mosquito/debris screen to keep water in the barrel clean and free of pests. They may be connected to other rain barrels to increase water capture capacity, and feature a high-quality spigot and tap.