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What is this program about?

This program ensures the continued safety of drinking water, and we thank you for your cooperation and participation.

Cross connections from at-risk properties into the drinking water system can have serious consequences that negatively impact drinking water quality. Your compliance is necessary, important and appreciated.

The installation, maintenance, and testing of approved backflow prevention devices is mandatory in Kingston (Water By-law No. 2006-122). When properly installed, these devices ensure that water will never flow from the customer’s facilities into the distribution system.

Does it apply to me?

If you are required to comply with this program, you will be notified by mail.

The program applies to:

  • industrial, commercial, and institutional properties
  • properties with irrigation systems
  • multi-residential properties
  • residential properties with in-ground irrigation systems

I have been notified. What must I do?

In accordance with Water By-law No. 2006-122, impacted property owners must:

  1. Hire a registered certified tester to perform a survey of your facility and submit the survey report to the CCCP office.
  2. Upon receipt of the next notice indicating the requirements, hire a registered certified tester to install and test the required backflow preventer(s).
  3. Hire a registered certified tester to test the backflow preventer(s) annually as per manufacture instructions/City of Kingston Bylaw 2006-122 and submit test reports to the CCCP office.

The first step is to contact a list of certified testers.


Cross Connection Control Office
Utilities Kingston
85 Lappan's Lane
Kingston, ON  K7L 4X7

613-546-1181, extension 2196 (phone)
613-544-9842 (fax)

or email us at Utilities Kingston CCCP

Additional information

Learn more about the purpose of the program, the consequence of cross connections, and more, by visiting our CCCP customer page