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The water that Utilities Kingston provides to local businesses and residents exceeds Ministry of the Environment water quality standards. To help ensure a continued high standard of water quality, the City of Kingston has implemented the Water By-law No. 2006-122, which requires the installation, maintenance, and testing of approved backflow prevention devices. When properly installed, these devices ensure that water will never flow from the customer’s facilities into the distribution system.

Utilities Kingston has developed the Cross Connection Control Program (CCCP) in order to monitor and enforce premises isolation in accordance with this by-law. To help customers adopt this program, it is being introduced gradually, and will eventually require all industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI), properties with irrigation systems and multi-residential (MR- five or more units) customers to comply.

Residential owners installing in-ground irrigation systems will also need to have a backflow preventer installed as mandated by the Ontario Building Code. These backflow preventers will need to be tested annually by a Registered Certified Tester; with reports submitted to the CCCP.

Thank you!

Utilities Kingston would like to thank businesses that are complying with By-law 2006-122 and doing their part to help protect Kingston’s water supply. Our city’s water quality relies, in part, on the commitment of business owners like you.

Purpose of the program

The CCCP was created in an effort to maintain the high level of water quality being supplied to the City of Kingston’s water customers. In order to ensure contaminants cannot backflow into the water distribution system, the program must:

  • identify cross connections where potential contamination of potable (drinking) water may occur
  • enforce installation and yearly testing of all premise backflow prevention devices as per By-law 2006-122
  • maintain a database of certified backflow prevention device testers registered with Utilities Kingston
  • maintain a detailed database of installed premise isolating backflow prevention devices

Cross connection consequences

Information for customers: how to comply

ICI and MR customers will receive notification by mail of their requirement to comply. The notices will include all the information needed to help comply with the by-law and the CCCP. Utilities Kingston will prioritize the notice-to-comply letters based on considerations such as the water service size and the degree of hazard associated with each facility.

Here’s how to comply:

  1. Learn about registered, certified backflow prevention device testers (hereafter, simply “Tester”). Then contact a Tester listed in this page.
  2. The Tester completes the Cross Connection Control Survey of your facility (PDF available below).
  3. If backflow prevention devices already exists, the Tester tests them, and completes a Backflow Prevention Device Test Report for each (PDF available below). 
    Note: the CCCP Survey from Step #2 is always required. Test reports without a survey are insufficient.
  4. Completed surveys and test reports are provided to Utilities Kingston in one of the following ways:
    • Email a copy of the report to Utilities Kingston CCCP(the preferred, green option!).
    • Fax it to 613-544-9842.
    • Hand deliver it to CCCP, Utilities Kingston reception desk, 85 Lappan's Lane, Kingston, ON.
  5. Once the survey report has been reviewed, a notice will be sent to you that identifies what remains to be done in order to comply with the by-law.
  6. If installation of a backflow prevention device (BPD) is required, the Tester installs it and tests it.
    • Note that new BPD installations require a building permit.
    • The building permit number is required on all test reports.
    • Backflow Prevention Device Test Reports must be delivered to Utilities Kingston CCCP, as above, within 10 days of the test.

All backflow prevention devices must be tested on a yearly basis, with device test reports submitted to Utilities Kingston CCCP, as above.

Additional CCCP information

Device test report late fees

Late fees may apply to backflow preventer test reports that are not submitted within the time period specified in the notice letters.

Device test tags

Immediately following the testing of any premise isolating device, a Utilities Kingston Test Tag must be affixed to that device. The owner/occupants are to ensure that the tags are not removed or damaged as they contain valuable information about the device and device testers.

These tags are valid for five years from the date of installation and are available at the Utilities Kingston Service Centre, 85 Lappan's Lane, Kingston, ON.

Test Tag

How can we help?

All survey, device test, and tester application forms may be hand delivered, faxed, or emailed to the following office.

As well, if you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed here, please contact us at:

Cross Connection Control Office
Utilities Kingston
85 Lappan's Lane
Kingston, ON  K7L 4X7

613-546-1181 x2196 (phone)
613-544-9842 (fax)

or email us at Utilities Kingston CCCP