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  1. In multiple unit dwellings, the Customer is responsible for ensuring that the meter records his/her own consumption.
  2. In the absence of a contract with a tenant, or in the event that utilities are used by an unknown person, the cost for that usage is due and payable by the Owner and/or Landlord of the property.
  3. The Customer agrees to pay for utilities received either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly and acknowledges that accounts are due and payable in full by the Due Date.
  4. Any account not paid in full by the due date will be considered to be Past Due and will be subject to a 1.5% late payment charge.
  5. Any account which is not paid in full by the DUE DATE will be considered to be PAST DUE and subject to the appropriate collection action. If any portion of a bill remains unpaid on the date of the next billing, the outstanding balance will appear on all subsequent bills as a previous balance and must be paid without delay, in order to avoid possible interruption of service.
  6. The Customer agrees, on request of the Utility, to make a deposit to be held by the Utility as a guarantee that the Customer will fulfill all the terms of these conditions of service.
  7. The rates charged for utilities consumption are subject to change at any time.
  8. The Customer agrees to provide a convenient and safe space for the Utilities meters, wires and appliances in the service location and acknowledges that the properly authorized agents of the Utility shall, at all reasonable hours, have ready access to the service location for the purpose of reading, examining, repairing or removing its meters, wires, piping and other material or appliances, and for the inspection of all the Customer's appliances and wiring.
  9. Customer provided equipment connecting the service location with the point of demarcation must meet the requirements of relevant legislation and utilities regulations. The customer is responsible for all equipment and associated maintenance from the point of demarcation for each service.
  10. Meters and all material and appliances of the Utility in the service location shall be at the risk of the Customer; if destroyed or damaged by fire, vandalism, or any cause whatsoever, other than ordinary wear and tear, the Customer shall pay the Utility the cost of repairing or replacing Utility meters or appliances.
  11. The point of demarcation varies depending on the service. The point of demarcation for electricity is the point at which the Utilities wires enter the stack or the meter itself. For water and sewer it is the curb stop at the street or the property line. For gas it is at the meter set. All meters belong to Utilities Kingston.
  12. The Customer hereby acknowledges that the Utility, at its option, may remove from the service location the meters and all Utility material and appliances at its expense and/or discontinue the supply of utilities whenever any accounts for the service or any other monies owed to the Utility are in arrears, or upon violation by the Customer of any of the terms and conditions of these conditions of service. The resumption of any said discontinued service shall be subject to a reconnection charge.
  13. The Utility agrees to use reasonable diligence in providing a regular and uninterrupted supply of utilities, but does not guarantee a constant supply, and will not be liable in damages to the Customer for failure to supply utilities to the service location.
  14. Service will continue from year to year, until terminated, provided that the Customer shall remain responsible for all amounts owing to the Utility regardless of termination.
  15. The Utility reserves the right to periodically measure the maximum utility load being consumed at the service location in order to establish a basis for billing.
  16. All electrical and mechanical equipment used by the Customer shall be subject to the reasonable approval of the Utility, and Customer shall so take and use the electrical energy as not to endanger the apparatus of the Utility or cause any wide or abnormal fluctuations of the line voltage. All motors shall be selected to secure the highest feasible power factor at all loads. The Customer's monthly demand shall be subject to power factor adjustments.
  17. If devices are installed or used by the Customer in such manner so as not to register on Utility meters, or if the Customer has tampered with Utility meters, the Utility may charge the Customer for such consumption based on maximum capacity of such devices or other methods of estimating unrecorded consumption back to the date of the initiation of the unrecorded consumption.
  18. If a meter ceases to register, or has registered or is read incorrectly, the Customer shall pay for the actual utility consumed, provided that any adjustment required due to such an error shall be limited, in the case of an individual residential service location, to two years from the date of the discovery of the error and, in the case of all other customers, to two years.
  19. If there is damage to the service location rendering continued service unsafe, the supply of utilities shall thereupon be suspended until such time as it is safe to provide utilities to the service location.
  20. The customer expressly undertakes and agrees (1) to observe and abide by all relevant requirements of the municipal building and property standards by-laws and represents that he or she has complied with such by-laws and (2) to save the Utility harmless from any and all claims for the loss or damage in any way arising out of the Customers' wiring installation of appliances or other work in the service location, and to release the Utility from all claims, demands, costs and charges in any way relating to the Customers' said work.

A late payment charge on accounts not paid by the due date will be applied in all instances.