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Products and pricing


We provide high-quality and energy-efficient water heaters at a low monthly price. Some of our water heaters are ENERGY STAR certified and all come from brand names you can trust.

This page provides an overview of our products and monthly rental rates for residential customers. A one-time application fee of $15.00 + HST is charged during the first month of service.

Get more information about our commercial products for business.

Tankless water heaters

We offer the Navien Instantaneous Gas Water Heater NPE-S2. The rental rate as of February 1, 2024 is $49.99.

Traditional water heaters
Size (U.S. Gal.)Model type2024 rental rate
40Atmospheric/conventional (40 U.S. Gal.)$21.53
50Atmospheric/conventional (50 U.S. Gal.)$22.89
60Atmospheric/conventional (60 U.S. Gal.)$23.10
50Power Vent UG50-PV3$32.99
50Power Vent - High Input UG50-62 PV$36.95
50Envirosense Power Vent J0W65076NVC02120$54.96
60Power Vent UG60-PV3$34.86
50Direct Vent GVD-50L$32.60
40Electric 152 Standard$16.28
60Electric 172 Standard$18.17
All Utilities Kingston water heaters are available in either natural gas or propane configurations.

For customers using well water, an extra “rural" charge of $2.00/month will be levied. Well water is a cause of premature equipment failure, and this charge covers the extra maintenance and early replacement costs related to water heating appliances that heat harder water. Utilities Kingston only offers tankless water heaters for customers connected to a municipal water supply.

Please note that as a renter, you are responsible for maintaining your water heater in good working condition throughout the term of your rental agreement.

Utilities Kingston will provide free and unlimited necessary repairs and replacements of your water heater. However, you are responsible for ensuring the systems that help your water heater function (such as vent piping) are kept clear, and are repaired or replaced as necessary.

Rent local. Contact us to learn about water heater products, pricing and agreements and switch today