Natural Gas Rates and Billing

Utilities Kingston provides safe and reliable gas services to 14,000 customers in central Kingston. Most benefit from the convenience of one combined bill for all their utility services, which may also include water, wastewater, and electricity. A combined bill helps lower costs for all rate payers.

This page assists our customers in understanding their bill and keeps them up-to-date on gas rates.

Understanding your Bill

Natural gas customers in Utilities Kingston’s natural gas distribution territory receive their natural gas bill from Utilities Kingston.

There are three types of charges on your gas bill:

  1. Natural Gas Commodity:
    • The commodity is the fuel burned by your appliances.
  2. Transportation and Storage:

    This charge is based on a forecast of the prices we expect to pay to buy these items from the market, plus adjustments for past periods. Actual market costs can differ from our forecasts and adjustments are made to either refund or collect the difference, so that you only pay the actual costs for these services with no mark-up.

    • Transportation and storage charges relate to the following costs:
      • Move the gas from locations outside of the city to the city boundary.
      • Gas storage.
  3. Local Distribution Costs:
    • Local distribution charges relate to the cost for us to move the gas locally from the city boundary to the gas meter located at your home.

Get more information on gas charges:

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Energy Retailers

If you are considering signing a contract with an energy retailer, first visit the Ontario Energy Board website for further information about energy retailers and contracts.

Current Rate Schedules 

Utilities Kingston reviews its natural gas commodity, and transportation & storage rates on a quarterly basis, for possible adjustments February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1 of each calendar year. We adjust these rates quarterly to make up the difference between our forecast costs for the next 12 months for natural gas commodity, and transportation & storage and actual costs from prior periods.

Residential and Commercial Rates:

    For more information about gas rates, or any other questions about your services, please contact customer service at 613-546-0000.