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Take control of energy costs for your business


Are you planning space or water heating improvements for your business? Reduce your costs and improve your return on investment by taking advantage of the Utilities Kingston Natural Gas Efficiency Upgrade Program. Our incentives can reimburse up to twenty per cent of your project costs (or on a per unit basis).

Our program is flexible to suit your needs, including prescriptive incentives per unit installed, or custom incentives that are calculated per cubic metre of verified annual natural gas savings. Read on to learn more about natural gas incentives, or speak directly with one of our energy experts by calling 613-546-1181 and asking to speak with Utilities Kingston conservation, Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. 

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Prescriptive incentives

Incentives from Utilities Kingston help businesses like yours purchase and install energy-efficient condensing gas water heaters, boilers and furnaces. By taking advantage of these incentives, you can reduce your costs and improve your return on investment.

Condensing boilers: 

Must have a minimum thermal efficiency ≥ 90%

≤ 299 MBtu/hr: $ 750 per unit
≥ 300 to ≤ 999 MBtu/hr: $ 1,500 per unit
≥ 1,000 MBtu/hr: $4,500 per unit

Condensing furnaces:

Must have a minimum Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of ≥ 95%

Incentive: $150 per unit 

Condensing Gas Water Heaters: 

Must have a minimum thermal efficiency of ≥ 94.5% for tank units, and 92.9% for tankless.

Tank: $340 per unit
Tankless: $340 per unit

Custom incentives

Take control of your energy costs for your business! We will help improve your company's energy efficiency, reduce your energy costs and meet your energy-management goals.

If you're improving equipment or processes that aren't covered in the prescriptive incentive, consider applying for a custom incentive! 

How much in incentives? 

  • $0.10 per m3 of verified annual natural gas savings;
  • Up to a cap of 20 per cent of eligible project costs.

What work qualifies?

  • Any equipment and/or operational changes that permanently reduce natural gas consumption. Examples of operational changes include thermostat setbacks, boiler shut downs, staging boilers, and pressure changes. 
  • Boilers, water heaters and furnaces are common examples, but we're not limited to these!

How does it work?

Our energy advisors are available to help you every step of the way!

  • Important: contact a Utilities Kingston energy advisor before beginning the work. 
  • We will conduct a site visit to discuss energy saving opportunities at your business. 
  • You must submit documentation demonstrating base case natural gas consumption, the proposed natural gas conservation measures, and calculations showing how much gas the proposed measures will save.
  • Projects that save more than 100 m3 per year are eligible for natural gas incentives.
  • You must submit an application form, and quotes and invoices for new equipment, labour, and disposal of old equipment.
  • Pre-project inspection and consultation with a Utilities Kingston energy advisor is required.
  • All projects must be pre-approved by Utilities Kingston before project work begins.
  • Once work is completed on pre-approved projects and you have submitted the required documentation, we will inspect the completed project and process incentive amounts.
  • All measures are subject to equipment eligibility, customer eligibility, availability of funds, and may be limited by caps and timing.


We look forward to helping you improve the energy efficiency of your business. Contact a Utilities Kingston energy expert by email at or by calling 613-546-1181 and asking to speak with Utilities Kingston conservation.