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Ontario Electricity Support Program


The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is helping make electricity more affordable for low-income households. The Ontario Electricity Support Program, or OESP, provides ongoing assistance directly on the bills of eligible low-income electricity consumers.

Eligible customers receive monthly credits of $35 to $75. The credit amount is based on household income, the number of people living in the home and energy intensity.

Customers may receive higher monthly credits of between $52 to $113, based on unique eligibility that includes:

  • Indigenous customers or customers living with Indigenous family members;
  • Customers using electric heating; and
  • Customers using certain electricity-intensive medical devices.

Electricity customers from lower income households are encouraged to apply online at

Customers can also contact United Way Simcoe Muskoka for application information and assistance at 1-855-487-5327.

Application tips 

  • You'll be prompted to select your utility provider. Please select KINGSTON HYDRO CORPORATION.
  • Name - needs to be exactly as shown on your utility bill (last name, first name).
  • Service address – needs to match exactly as shown on your utility bill (a sample is provided with the online application form).

To complete the application, customers will need:

  • Electricity bill account number, service address, and account holder details.
  • Birthdates and names of all residents in the home.
  • Social Insurance Numbers, Individual Tax Numbers, or temporary taxation numbers for residents over the age of 18.
  • Access to a computer and printer. Kingston Frontenac Public Library provides both printers and computers for public use.

Contact a designated agency

If the customer has not filed an income tax return recently, or if their situation has changed since they last filed, there are agencies throughout the province that can help with the application. In the Kingston Hydro service area, customers can contact United Way Simcoe Muskoka at 1-855-487-5327.

The Ontario Native Welfare Administrators’ Association (ONWAA) is also available to assist First Nations or Métis households with their applications. First Nations or Métis households can contact ONWAA at 1-844-885-3157 or email to confirm their availability.

For more information and to apply

Please visit, call 1-855-831-8151 (toll free within Ontario) or email