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Leaky plumbing in your home can damage your property, decrease your home’s water efficiency, and increase your home’s water consumption and utility bill.

Did you notice a sudden increase in your water consumption and bill? You might have an internal plumbing leak. While internal plumbing is the property owner’s responsibility, we’re providing this information to help our customers and promote water conservation.

Read on to learn how to detect, correct and prevent leaks!

Leaking toilets: has your water bill suddenly increased? The most common cause that we see is a leaky toilet. Leaks can happen at the float and overflow, or the flapper.

Trap seal primer: a trap primer (or trap seal primer) is a plumbing device or valve that adds water to traps. Sometimes they can stick in the open position.

Leaky gaskets: if you have water dripping from a tap, most of the time the cause is a defective washer or defective seat within its body. Leaky gaskets need to be replaced.

Contact a plumber: please remember, internal plumbing is the property owner’s responsibility. Contact a licensed plumber if you need assistance.


You could have a water service leak: Knowing how to identify a water leak and what to do about it can protect properties in your neighbourhood (including your own), conserve treated tap water and help us provide efficient utility services.

Get tips to save water at home: our website offers tips on conserving tap water use related to baths and showers, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers and the outdoors.