Watermain Relining Program

Project background

The 2019 Watermain Relining Program, UK-19-05, has been awarded to Fer-Pal Construction Ltd and work has  commenced for the 2019 construction season.

Relining watermains allows us to rehabilitate aging pipes, while minimizing service interruption and nuisance to residents. Instead of digging up the road, we excavate ‘pits’ to access the main and work from there. The relining process involves cleaning the inside of the mains and slipping in a felt liner, coated with a resin that then hardens.

Through the construction phase, Utilities Kingston staff works with the relining contractor to resolve issues due to unanticipated underground and site conditions, and with residents to address their concerns in order to alleviate any issues as quickly as possible.

On top of being less disruptive, the low-dig cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining technology reduces the road base and asphalt replacement costs when compared to conventional methods, and results in a joint-less, fully-structural replacement pipe located inside the existing pipe.

The watermains in the relining program are selected by reviewing priority areas based on watermain breaks and coordinating with the City of Kingston Capital Reconstruction Program.

For further information, please contact Robert McLachlan, Utilities Engineer, at 613-546-1181 ext. 2339 or rmclachlan@utilitieskingston.com.

The following is a list of roads that are to be completed in the 2019 program. 

 Watermain-Relining-Areas-2019 [Link coming soon]

Strathcona Park Area

  • Jane Avenue, from Avenue Road to Kings Gate Place.
  • Elizabeth Avenue from Avenue Road to Jane Avenue.
  • McMahon Avenue from Glencoe Crescent to McMichael Street.

Associated Strathcona Park Watermain Looping (open cut)

  • New watermain loop connection from Gretna Green to Indian Road through the existing pathway.
  • New watermain loop connection from Stormont Avenue Cul-de-sac to Westmoreland Road through O'Connor Park.

Bath Road Area

  • Bath Road from just west of Days Road to approximately 250m east of Gardiners Road

Sunnyside and McIvor Road Area

  • Mildred Street, from Sunnyside Road to Sydenham Road,
  • Jesse Crescent, from Sydenham Road to end,
  • Audrey Street, for Jesse Crescent to Floyd Avenue,
  • Floyd Avenue, from Mildred Street to Sunyside Road,
  • Sydenham Road, from McIvor Road to Sunnyside Road,
  • McIvor Road, from Sydenham Road to Cataraqui Community Centre. 

Did you know?

Underground infrastructure can be replaced using a number of methods, often divided into two major areas: conventional open cut and the less disruptive and potentially more cost-effective trenchless (or low/no dig) technologies. In addition to water main relining, Utilities Kingston also uses a pipe bursting technology - a trenchless technology that allows a new larger pipe to be installed within an old pipe, while bursting the latter.

We appreciate that there will be some disruption and inconvenience to customers throughout this process add we would like to Thank you for your understanding and patience in advance.

Services affected

  • Water


2019 Watermain Relining Planning

The 2019 program is planned to complete watermain rehabilitation in the Strathcona Park Area, work that was initiated in the 2018 relining program, and the Sunnyside Area.     

Additional areas may be added as priority sections of watermain are identified.

Utilities Kingston is coordinating the Watermain Relining program with some associated watermain looping to improve system flows.

Schedule and Project Downloads


Note: Schedules will be subject to revision and updates throughout the construction season and further details will be provided. 

 Strathconna Park Area   

  • Final restortion of 2018 Relining Area(s) with sod and asphalt have been completed as of June 10, 2019.
  • Watemain Looping - Gretna Green to Indian Road currently under construction - Anticipate to be complete by end of June.  Stormont to Westmoreland - Anticipated June/July construction.
  • Jane, Elizabeth and McMahon - Relining and disinfection complete on Jane, Elizabeth and McMahon.  Final connections and reinstatement of water services commencing June 10, 2019. 

Sunnyside areas - Mildred, Jesse, Audrey, Floyd

  • Installation of watermain liner complete as of June 10.
  • Hydrant installation commencing. 
  • Watermain disinfection anticipated the week of June 24th.
  • Final connections and meter reinstall anticipated for the begininng of July.

Bath Road

  • Work anticipated to commence the week of June 24th, extending into July/August

Anticipated Completion Date - November 30, 2019



For further information on the 2019 Watermain Relining Project please contact Utilities Kingston at the following address:

Utilities Kingston
Robert McLachlan, P.Eng
Utilities Engineer
85 Lappans Lane
Kingston, ON, K7L 4X7
Office: 613-546-1181, extension 2339
Email: rmclachlan@utilitieskingston.com