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Portsmouth Pumping Station Redirect and Trunk Watermain

Portsmouth Pumping Station Redirect and Trunk Watermain

Project background

Utilities Kingston has completed a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to evaluate the flow direction of the Portsmouth Pumping station servicing the Portsmouth area.

The purpose of this EA study was to identify how to best support further development (through intensification) in the City of Kingston through sustainable servicing. The City’s existing sewer network is currently laid out such that wastewater flows generated in the central and east areas of the City are conveyed to the Ravensview Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and wastewater flows generated in the west area of the City are conveyed to the Cataraqui Bay WWTP. Due to a planned increase in development through the central and east area of the City, higher wastewater flows are projected to be conveyed through the central and eastern portions of the City’s wastewater network. The EA study evaluated the options and recommended the redirection of the flow from the Portsmouth Pumping Station (centrally located) to the west towards the Cataraqui Bay WWTP in order to help alleviate any potential system constraints in the central and eastern portions of the City’s wastewater network. This recommendation also provides additional opportunity to potentially reduce combined sewer overflows (CSO) within the system.

The EA study was undertaken in conjunction with the Front Road Watermain Interconnection project, a Schedule A+ undertaking. For additional information on the Front Road Watermain Interconnection project, please contact Utilities Kingston contact listed below. 

Services affected

  • Wastewater
  • Water


The Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (“Class EA”) process is approved under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act and allows municipalities to follow a Class EA process when undertaking municipal infrastructure projects. The Portsmouth Pumping Station Flow Direction project is being carried out as a Schedule B undertaking. The purpose of the Class EA screening process is to identify any potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed works and to plan for appropriate impact mitigation. This process includes consultation with the public, stakeholders and review agencies.

In 2013, Genivar (now WSP Canada Inc.) was retained by Utilities Kingston for completion of the Environmental Assessment, Detailed Design, Construction Administration and Commissioning for both the Portsmouth Pump Station Flow Redirection and the Front Road Watermain Interconnection.

The Environmental Assessment is now complete, please see the  links to the report in the table below.  The following summarizes the findings of the Environmental Assessment:

  1. The preferred alternative for sustainable servicing is to redirect sewage from the Portsmouth Pumping Station westerly to the Cataraqui Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant. This will allow for additional intenstification within Central Kingston as well as a reduction in bypass volumes along the Harbourfront Trunk Sewer.
  2. The new sewage forcemain (from the Portsmouth Pumping Station to the Cataraqui Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant) will be constructed at the same time as the large diameter trunk watermain interconnection. Sizes are to be confirmed during design.
  3. The alignment of the forcemain is predominantly with the municipal road right-of-way along King St West and Front Road. A variation from this is recommended in the area of Portsmouth Village where the alignment will deviate northerly along Union to Kennedy and along Kennedy to Aberdeen Park where the pipe will connect with the Pump Station.Portsmouth Pump Station Preferred Route

See map in side bar.

Click to see a larger map of the preferred sanitary forcemain alignment.

  1. The recommended pipe work will be constructed mostly by traditional open-cut methods except in the vicinity of the Little Cataraqui Creek and CNR spur line to Invista, where tunneling will be used to minimize impacts of construction.

The Environmental Assessment File Report can be found  at the links below.


Approximate Schedule for this Project:
Phase Activity Date Download
1. Environmental Assessment EA Report July 30, 2015 EA Report
Appendix A - Risk Management Memo APPENDIX A
Appendix B - Modeling Memo APPENDIX B
Appendix C - Natural Environment APPENDIX C
Appendix D - Geotechnical Assessment APPENDIX D

Appendix E - Utilities Engineering



Appendix F - Traffic Analysis


Appendix H - Heritage Impact Statement APPENDIX H
Appendix I - Public Notices APPENDIX I
Appendix J - Public Information Centre APPENDIX J
Appendix K - Comments and Responses APPENDIX K
2. Detailed Design Detailed design of the Portsmouth Pumping Station Upgrades, new interconnecting sewage forcemain to Cataraqui Bay WWTP and new large diameter watermain interconnection. Commencing September 2014 and ongoing -
3. Construction - Staged Tendering

Forcemain and Watermain in the Invista Easement is complete.

Linear Works split into 2 separate contracts, to be tendered in 2021,  for the Front Road/King Street/Union Street/Kennedy Street Section.  Section 2A from Sand Bay Lane to Country Club Drive, and Section 2B from Country Club Drive to Sir John A MacDonald Blvd.

Portsmouth Sewage Pump Station - late 2022 or early 2023.


Phased Construction, Forcemain and Watermain from Spring of 2021 to end of 2022, Pump Station 2022/2023


Design and Construction

Detailed design of the Portsmouth Pump Station Facility will be scheduled for completion in 2022/2023 following completion of the Cataraqui Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades project.

The Linear works have been phased with the initial phase, generally described as the "Cataraqui Bay WWTP Servicing - Easement", constructed in 2018. 

The second phase of the Linear works has been splint into 2 parts with Phase 2A recently awarded.   Phase 2A includes the installation of the new 1050mm watermain and 600mm sanitary sewer forcemain in the municipal Right of Way (ROW) in Front Road/King Street West from Sand Bay Lane (Front Road Bridge @ Invista) to Country Club Drive.

Update on Phase 2A - July 8, 2022

Utilities Kingston has been working with EBC Inc. on a sanitary and watermain project along King Street West and Front Road for the last year. The contractor has recently encountered some significant challenges.  Utilities Kingston is assisting in EBC’s decision to obtain amended environmental permits from the Province that are required to support their chosen construction methodology.  These amended permits, required to address these challenges, are required prior to continuing the project. It is anticipated that this process could take up to 1-2 months. In addition, EBC is amending its traffic control plan for the area near Country Club Drive and King Street West, to provide for the flow of traffic while maintaining safe pedestrian crossing in the intersection, as they prepare to install significant infrastructure in this intersection.

 We recognize that the current construction has caused some traffic impacts and delays and appreciate everyone’s patience as the contractor works through some key next steps to be able to continue with this critical project. Once completed, the project will enhance Kingston’s waterfront by reducing both the volume and frequency of combined sewage overflows, increase the capacity of our sewage system for new development and enhance the delivery of potable water throughout the City. Utilities Kingston will continue to update the community as progress is made and the project reinitiated.

Phase 2B, includes King Street West, Union Street, and Kennedy Street, from Country Club Drive to Sir John A McDonald (SJAM).  Phase 2B includes the new large watermain, new sewer forcemain, with replacement of gravity sewers and local watermains in the construction corridor.   The City of Kingston is also reconstructing the Portsmouth Avenue and King Street West intersection to incorporate active transportation and Multi-Use Pathways.  Construction will commence in Summer of 2021 through to end of 2022.


Additional information will be added as the design and construction phase continues.

Schedule and Project Downloads

Update July 2022 - Since the winter of 2021, the contractor has encountered several technical problems, that will require the amending of existing approvals and some additional safety considerations.  These issues have caused delays that can not yet be quantified and therefore a definitive schedule has not be presented.  An updated Schedule for completion of the work will be provided when revised approvals and construction methodologies have been received.  We do know that at this stage, the original schedule for all work to be completed this year will not be met. 

 Until a new schedule, amended approvals and revised construction methodologies are received, existing traffic restrictions will remain in place given current site conditions. 

 Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

The approximate construction schedule for this project is as follows.

Linear Section - Phase 1 - Cataraqui Bay WWTP Servicing - Easement

  • Construction of this phase is complete.

Linear Section - Phase 2A - Front Road & King Street West, from Sand Bay Lane to Country Club Drive - Current Construction Phase

  • The Construction Contract for Phase 2A of the Linear Section(s) has been awarded to EBC Inc., with construction commencement in  July 2021.  Once the amended approvals and revised construction methodologies are received  an update will be provided.

Linear Section - Phase 2B - King Street West, Union Street & Kennedy Street, from Country Club Drive to Sir John A MacDonald Boulevard

  • The Construction Contract for Phase 2B of the Linear Section(s) is planned to be tendered in when the Phase 2A schedule is updated.  


For further information please contact Utilities Kingston or the design consultant (WSP Canada Inc.) at the following addresses:

Utilities Kingston
Robert McLachlan, P.Eng
Utilities Engineer
85 Lappans Lane
Kingston, ON, K7L 4X7
Office: 613-546-1181, extension 2339
WSP Canada Inc.
Kevin Clavet, CET
Municipal Designer
1224 Gardiners Road, Suite 201
Kingston, ON K7P 0G2
Office: 613-856-0304