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Cataraqui Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades Project

Cataraqui Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades Project

Project background

The Cataraqui Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is a conventional activated sludge secondary treatment facility servicing the west end of the City of Kingston. The plant was constructed in 1962 and went through its last major upgrade in 2002. The current upgrades project includes expansion of the plant's existing headworks and primary clarifiers, replacement of the secondary treatment system, site wide building and process improvements, and electrical and instrumentation and control upgrades. The planned upgrades were identified as a City of Kingston priority in the 2010 Sewage Infrastructure Master Plan. The work will see the plant rated treatment capacity increase from 38,800 m3 per day to 55,000 m3 per day to meet projected population growth.

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Services affected

  • Wastewater


Class Environmental Assessment

The Class Environmental Assessment for Cataraqui Bay WWTP is complete. View the Notice of Completion (PDF).

The study was conducted in accordance with the requirements of a Schedule C project under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (October 2000, as amended in 2007). The Class EA process involved identification of effluent and capacity requirements, assessment of alternative optimization and expansion strategies, development of a recommended conceptual design, and consultation with agencies and the public. The alternative strategies were evaluated to ensure the preferred solution minimizes impacts on the natural and social/cultural environment while optimizing capital and operating investments. Public and agency consultation was a key element of the Class EA process, and input was sought throughout the study.

The purpose of this EA study was to identify the preferred strategy for meeting future wastewater treatment needs identified through the Sewer Master Plan currently underway. The Cataraqui Bay WWTP provides treatment of wastewater generated in Kingston’s west end and currently has a rated capacity of 38,800 m3 per day. This EA study examined alternative strategies for an increase in the functional capacity of the WWTP in order to accommodate anticipated future flow requirements.

Design and Construction

The upgrade will increase plant capacity to meet population growth projections, improve effluent quality and improve the condition of end of service life assets. Wastewater treatment capacity will increase from 38,800 m3 per day to 55,000 m3 per day. 

The resulting treatment processes will be similar to those at Ravensview WWTP, which is a world-class facility, and one of North America’s most environmentally progressive and responsible wastewater treatment plants. Secondary treatment will be upgraded to use a biological aerated filter, which removes biodegradable contaminants, bacteria, and viruses. These improvements will help ensure the continued safe return of natural resource quality water to Lake Ontario. We will also upgrade technology for solids dewatering - the removal of water from the solids to produce crop fertilizer. 

By sequencing plant upgrades, we will ensure that sewer services are not disrupted. Some construction noise and traffic is expected in the area. We will communicate directly with nearby residents, as well as with the Invista Plant.

Schedule and Project Downloads

The project is more than 90 per cent complete, as of March 3, 2022. Learn more about the upgrades

Commissioning is underway. We are completing the project in the most effective and efficient way forward - one that will serve the best interests of our customers and other stakeholders, and the safety of our employees.  

The approximate schedule for this project is as follows: 

Approximate Schedule for this Project:
Phase Activity Date
1. Environmental Assessment Environmental Study Report October 2012
2. Detailed Design Pre-Select Equipment Supplier March 2015
Pre-Qualify Contractors February 2016
Detailed Design April 2016 
3. Construction Tender May 2016
Construction Start October 2016
Substantial Completion  2022


If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact:

Utilities Kingston
Stephanie Pettis, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Manager, Research and Risk Management
P.O. Box 790
Kingston, ON, K7L 4X7
Office: 613-546-1181, extension 2355
J.L. Richards and Associates Limited
Jim Steele, P.Eng.
Project Manager
203-863 Princess Street
Kingston, ON K7L 5N4
Office: 613-544-1424