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    Days Road Sewage Pump Station Upgrades

    Project Background

    The Days Road Sewage Pump Station is the largest pumping facility in West Kingston and services approximately 80-90% of sanitary sewers in the region.  The facility is located in La Salle Park, at 419 Days Road and it pumps directly to the Cataraqui Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant, located adjacent to the Invista (former Dupont) plant on Front Road.

    The Days Road Sewage Pump Station was originally constructed in the late 1950's, but received a significant upgrade to its existing size and form in 1978.  While it remains in this form and functional to this day, the facility is dated and is reaching the end of its life-cycle.  In addition to the upgrades required to address age-related issues, the Wastewater Master Plan has also identified a need to increase the capacity of the facility to meet the needs of anticipated growth in the service area.  As well, due to the effects of wet-weather on the collection system, it is possible that the age-related issues and the capacity increase may need to be complemented with an increase in storage on-site to efficiently manage wet-weather flows.


    The planning phase of the project has concluded.  

    The local consulting firm of J.L. Richards and Associates Limited has been retained by Utilities Kingston to complete a Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment to review options for addressing the needs of the facility.  The options for consideration include a range from smaller upgrades contained within the existing facility and property envelope, to more significant efforts that may include a new facility and/or new property acquisition.  These will all be evaluated as options during the Environmental Assessment.  The public and stakeholders will have the opportunity to review and comment on alternatives.  

    Simply due to cost, the desire is to update the electrical, mechanical and process equipment inside the existing structure and property.  However, the need for a capacity increase (larger pumps) and possibly for additional storage might make this insufficient.  This is why a broader range of options are considered during the Environmental Assessment.


    Since the outset of the study, the study team has identified 5 alternatives for consideration.  These include the following options; 1) Do Nothing, 2) Provide storage in lieu of capacity and refurbish existing facility, 3) Upgrade the existing facility, 4) Construct a new facility within City-owned property adjacent to the existing facility, and; 5) Purchase land and construct a new facility across the street.

    The Study Team has evaluated all the alternatives using environmental, cultural, social, nature, technical and financial criteria and has selected a preferred alternative.  The preferred alternative is Option 4, to construct a new facility adjacent to the existing one in LaSalle Park.  All alternatives and the process of evaluation will be presented at the Public Information Centre. 

    Information Presented at Public Information Centre 


    The Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment for this project concluded on February 1, 2019.  

    Design and Construction

    The design phase of the project is currently underway.  

    Schedule and Project Downloads

    The following schedule is approximate at this time.  Please click on links for documentation.

    Environmental Assessment & Planning - 2017-2018

    Detailed Design - Currently underway

    Tendering and Construction - 2020-2021


    For more information on the project, contact:

    Utilities Kingston
    Natasha Prepas-Strobeck, P.Eng.
    Utilities Engineer
    85 Lappan's Lane
    Kingston, ON, K7L 4X7
    Office: 613-546-1181, extension 2522
    J.L. Richards & Associates Ltd.
    Ryan Ashford, P.Eng.
    Project Manager
    864 Lady Ellen Place
    Ottawa, ON K1Z 5M2
    Office: 613-728-3571