Utilities Kingston may be in your area to replace end-of-life water meters

Utilities Kingston may be in your area to replace end-of-life water meters

Utilities Kingston wants customers to know that certified technicians will visit homes and businesses in Kingston in order to replace end-of-life water meters. Affected homeowners will receive a pamphlet in their mailbox.

The utility company thanks customers for their support of its water meter replacement project. Since October of 2015, the utility has managed a program to replace over 16,000 end-of-life water meters in Kingston, ensuring the continued accuracy of metering equipment.

Utilities Kingston will replace 2,100 water meters in 2020. Their certified technicians will always be in uniform and carry photo identification. Most of the meter replacements will take place on an appointment basis, and will be located throughout the east, west and central areas of the city. A detailed map is available from the Utilities Kingston website. There is no charge to homeowners as part of the water meter replacement program.  (They are part of our capital replacement program.)

Customers are asked to watch their physical mailbox for an envelope (enclosed with a letter and coloured pamphlet) from Utilities Kingston. When you receive the pamphlet, it means that meter installers are in the area and you have two weeks to schedule an installation appointment with Utilities Kingston. The communication will include details on how to book and prepare for the appointment. 

TENANTS: Tenants are encouraged to either follow the instructions to book an appointment, or to notify their landlords that they have received a notice.

LANDLORDS: Landlords are ultimately responsible to ensure these mandatory water meter replacements are completed in their buildings.

Customers who don't receive a communication from Utilities Kingston in their physical mailbox will not be impacted by this program at this time, and don't need to take any action.

Read about what to expect with the water meter replacement program online, or by calling Utilities Kingston customer service at 613-546-0000.