Service Line Warranties of Canada to provide emergency repair programs to local homeowners

April 26, 2019

Service Line Warranties of Canada to provide emergency repair programs to local homeowners

***Update: Service Line Warranties of Canada is currently improving its sewer service line offering to include customers who have shared sewer services. For this reason, the sewer line plan is on hold and will be offered again later this spring. Customers who visit the will note that the sewer line plan is not listed at this time, and should visit the website again at the end of May. Thank you for your patience and understanding.***

Utilities Kingston has entered into a new agreement with Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC), a provider of homeowner emergency repair programs, to provide optional service plans to residents in Kingston. Residential property owners will receive a mailing from SLWC that includes Utilities Kingston's logo. We want to assure our customers that this offering is legitimate.  

Residential property owners are responsible for the water service and sewer lines on their private property. Optional Exterior Water Service Line Coverage and Exterior Sewer Line Coverage plans from SLWC can help protect Kingston homeowners from potentially expensive repair costs due to breakdowns of major systems inside and/or outside their homes. 

After April 18, 2019, Kingston residents will receive an introductory mailing to inform them about the optional plans available through SLWC. Because we have endorsed SLWC, our logo will appear on the mailings. SLWC will offer the Exterior Sewer Line Coverage for $7.80 per month and the Exterior Water Service Line Coverage for $5.37 per month, including HST. 

SLWC is the only provider of such warranty programs in this area and is also endorsed by the Local Area Services of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. 

SLWC and Utilities Kingston will not go door-to-door or telephone residents to market these optional warranty plans. Signing up for these plans is at the discretion of the homeowner. Utilities Kingston and the City of Kingston extend no warranty of any kind with respect to SLWC's coverage. Utilities Kingston does not receive commission or payment when customers sign up. The protection of privacy is important to us. We did not share personal or account information about our customers with SLWC.

Residential property owners in Kingston can learn more by visiting the website at, viewing the SLWC frequently asked questionsor by calling SLWC toll-free at 1-866-922-9004.  

Frequently asked questions

How did SLWC get my mailing information? 

Utilities Kingston did not, and does not, sell or otherwise provide any customer names or address information as part of this program.  Resident mailing information was obtained by Service Line Warranties of Canada through a third-party vendor. To be removed from the mailings, you can contact SLWC at 1-866-922-9004.

Who is responsible for the service lines?

Utilities Kingston (or your utility provider) is responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment up to the ownership demarcation point. It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain and repair equipment beyond the ownership demarcation point. Utilities Kingston has prepared some diagrams that illustrate demarcation for typical utility services for residential homes:

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