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Stay safe outdoors: Powerline Safety Week highlights risks during spring cleaning

Stay safe outdoors: Powerline Safety Week highlights risks during spring cleaning

Warmer weather brings the joy of outdoor activities, but it's also a time for spring cleaning and yard work. With increased time around your property, remember to prioritize powerline safety during these tasks.  

Powerline Safety Week runs from May 13 to 19, serving as a crucial reminder to be vigilant around powerlines. These lines deliver electricity to our homes and businesses, but neglecting safety precautions can lead to deadly accidents.  

The Electrical Safety Authority reports that contact with powerlines is a leading cause of electrical-related fatalities in Ontario. Throughout Powerline Safety Week, we're committed to educating our community on essential safety tips.  

Here's how you can stay safe:  

Overhead Powerline Safety:  

  • Maintain a minimum distance of 3 metres from overhead powerlines during activities like tree trimming or home maintenance.  

  • Always inspect the area thoroughly for overhead powerlines before starting any project.  

  • Plant trees and shrubs a safe distance away from powerlines to prevent future interference.  

Downed Powerline Safety:  

  • Never approach a downed powerline. Maintain a safe distance of at least 10 metres (the length of a school bus).  

  • Assume a downed powerline is still carrying electricity, even if it's not sparking.  

  • If a powerline falls on your car, stay inside until utility workers say it's safe to leave. The ground and vehicle can become electrified.  

  • Report downed powerlines immediately by calling 9-1-1 or our emergency line at 613-546-1181. 

Underground Powerline Safety:  

  • Always contact Ontario One Call before digging for any project, big or small. They will locate underground utilities to prevent accidental contact.  

  • Obtain clearance before digging to ensure your safety.  

  • Learn more about safe digging practices and protect yourself from underground hazards  

Follow these safety tips to enjoy a safe and productive spring season! 

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