Know your Flood Facts: reduce the excess water that contributes to basement flooding

March 11, 2019

Know your Flood Facts: reduce the excess water that contributes to basement flooding

This spring, Utilities Kingston reminds residents that every neighbourhood is at risk of basement flooding, even if it’s never happened before.

Homeowners may be able to take advantage of the Preventative Plumbing Program (details follow) for funds to take many of the listed steps below. These steps reduce excess water and help protect properties and neighbourhoods from the risk of basement flooding.

Excess water – storm runoff or groundwater – is a main contributor to basement flooding and reduces the capacity of the sanitary sewer system.

Disconnect illegal plumbing connections

Illegal connections to the sanitary sewer contribute to excess water and to the overall risk of basement flooding.

Property owners are responsible for their connection to the municipal system and should check downspout, sump pump and foundation drainage connections to make sure they comply with the Sewer Use Bylaw.

To comply with the Sewer Use Bylaw and help surface water drain safely away:

  • Disconnect downspouts that enter the ground and flow into the sanitary sewer. Ensure downspouts drain onto your lawn/garden, at least two metres away from your foundation.
  • Direct your sump pump drain to your lawn/garden, two metres away from your home. It must not pump into the sanitary lateral or your sanitary plumbing. 
  • Direct your foundation drainage (weeping tile) so it is captured by a sump pump and not directed into sanitary plumbing.
  • See a catch basin covered in debris? Please consider clearing it.

Financial assistance is available: Preventative Plumbing Program

Homeowners: get up to $3,000 through Utilities Kingston’s 2019 Preventative Plumbing Program. You may use the funds to install sump pumps, backwater sanitary valves and other eligible measures, including disconnection of illegal plumbing connections.

Interested?  Find details and an easy-to-use online application, e-mail or call 613-546-0000.

Did you know? Since the program began in 2012, $2.3 million in financial assistance has helped 1,500 Kingston homeowners, including with the removal of 189 illegal connections to the sanitary sewer.

Protect your neighbourhood from flooding

  • See Utilities Kingston’s “Flood Facts” to help reduce the risk of basement flooding.
  • Learn more about ways to reduce excess water in your neighbourhood, and otherwise protect your property from basement flooding.