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Gas meter changes coming to city central

Gas meter changes coming to city central

Your home or business may be one of 3,100 getting a new gas meter in 2024.

Do you live or do business in city central, Utilities Kingston's natural gas distribution area? Your home or business may be one of 3,100 due for gas meter replacement. If your home or business is part of this planned work, you will receive a letter notification in your mailbox. It will provide information about the work and ask you to set up an appointment with customer service.

What to expect

A Utilities Kingston gas technician will visit your property on the scheduled date to replace your meter and complete an inspection. Your gas service will be shut off during the process.

After installing the new meter, we must inspect the natural gas piping and appliances inside your building before safely restoring service. If your gas appliances or piping conform to code, our technician will turn the gas back on and relight your appliances. If your gas appliances or piping are malfunctioning, our technician will provide information on what to do next. As per our terms of service, we're not responsible for the cost of repairing this equipment.

If you are not home during the day of our scheduled work, your gas service will remain shut off until we can restore the services safely. We will leave a notice with contact information asking you to call us when you get home so we can arrange to restore your service. Technicians can inspect and relight your gas appliances between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Is your gas meter being inspected or changed? Here's what you need to know.

Why we're inspecting gas meters

Reliable metering equipment is essential to ensuring our customers continue receiving accurate bills. We send a sample of gas meters every year to verify accuracy and ensure that they meet legal requirements. Gas meters must be checked and rechecked within appropriate periods based on their performance, usage, and application, as determined by Measurement Canada and the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act.

As part of this initiative, we aim to inspect and change approximately 3,100 of the 15,000 gas meters in the municipal gas distribution system.