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The federal carbon charge for natural gas is changing

The federal carbon charge for natural gas is changing

As part of the federal government’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, a carbon pricing program was implemented in Ontario in 2019. The program introduced a carbon charge applied to fossil fuels sold in Ontario, including natural gas. This charge increases annually each April.

The federal carbon charge rate for natural gas is currently 7.98 cents per cubic metre.  The federal carbon charge for natural gas will increase on April 1 to 9.94 cents per cubic metre.

The annualized bill impact of the Federal Carbon Charge increase for a typical residential customer with natural gas consumption of 2,300 cubic metres is an increase of $45.08 per year, plus HST, commencing April 1, 2022. The total cost for a customer will depend upon how much natural gas they use.

For more information on federal carbon pricing, visit the Government of Canada web page on Ontario and pollution pricing.

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