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Sewer force main break repaired and sewer operating normally

Sewer force main break repaired and sewer operating normally

Utilities Kingston is thanking west end residents and businesses for conserving water and reducing sewer use, after a sewer force main break at Front and Days Road. Crews have repaired the sewer break, which was at a flange fitting on a large diameter, 36-inch force main, and the sewer is now operating under normal conditions.  

“We appreciate the efforts of our community, in reducing water and sewer use,” says Heather Roberts, Director of Water and Wastewater Services of Utilities Kingston. “We understand the inconvenience for our customers and are pleased to report that the Kingston West sewer system is now operating under normal conditions.”

The community’s efforts to conserve water and sewer use helped manage the environmental impacts of the sewer break. While residents can return to normal water and sewer use, the utility company encourages the community to conserve the use of water in any circumstance. Reducing the use of treated water helps manage the need to expand water and sewer infrastructure and is good for the environment.

 While the repairs are complete, Utilities Kingston expects to return to the site to make infrastructure improvements in the future. Throughout this emergency, Utilities Kingston effectively managed the operation of the sewer, met service expectations, and took action to reduce the impact to the environment. The utility’s treatment and operations staff worked tirelessly and expertly in serving the local community. Thank you.