“Rotten egg smell” associated with natural gas in City Central

“Rotten egg smell” associated with natural gas in City Central

We are receiving multiple complaints of the “rotten egg smell” associated with natural gas, in City Central areas. Although the smell of mercaptan is strong, the concentration is very low and there is no health and safety risk to the public or our workers.

Before natural gas is delivered to your home, mercaptan is added to it, which gives the gas a sulphur or “rotten egg” smell to help detect leaks. We were conducting maintenance at the Railway Street natural gas regulating station, which reduced gas pressure, and didn’t reduce the odourant that is added. This resulted in over-odorized gas being distributed throughout the municipal gas distribution system in Central Kingston.

Our certified technicians are investigating every complaint we receive. As we take the safety of the natural gas distribution system very seriously, we encourage the public to continue to report suspected natural gas leaks to Utilities Kingston at 613-546-1181, extension 2151.

Additional safety information

If you suspect a gas leak inside:

  •          Evacuate your premises.
  •          Don't do anything that could create a spark – don’t switch a light on or off, and don’t use cell phones or lighters, for example.
  •          Call Utilities Kingston immediately from outside your home or building at 613-546-1181, extension 2151.
  •          Don’t use lighters or matches, and don’t smoke.


  •          Call Utilities Kingston immediately at 613-546-1181, extension 2151.
  •          Keep clear of the area.
  •          Don’t start any motors or motor vehicles near the area of the suspected gas leak.
  •          Don’t use lighters or matches and do not smoke.