Rezatec to provide new water leak risk analysis tool 

November 21, 2018

Rezatec to provide new water leak risk analysis tool 

Utilities Kingston is pleased to share this release, issued by Rezatec at Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire, UK, on November 22, 2018

Rezatec, a provider of geospatial data analytics, has announced it will work with Utilities Kingston – a multi-utility company based in Kingston, Ontario – to optimize the company's leak detection activities across a section of the municipal water distribution system.

Water pipeline leakage presents an opportunity for utility companies to significantly improve operating efficiency.

The pilot project, due to start in November 2018, will see Rezatec provide Utilities Kingston with artificial intelligence & geospatial analytics. These insights will then allow the utility company to verify that the deployment of acoustic loggers and other ground resources, and repair and maintenance schedules could be significantly optimized by using this technology across the entire municipal system.

The combination of artificial intelligence and satellite data, when combined with historic leak event data, provides a risk model to identify parts of the network at higher risk of failure. By focusing traditional leak detection activities on these high-risk areas, Rezatec's leakage detection tool can help water companies reduce the time and cost of detecting leaks by more than 60 per cent.

 "Utilities Kingston is dedicated to the responsible management of community infrastructure. We're excited to pilot leading-edge tools to reduce system water loss, which have the potential to improve the water-efficiency of the system we operate," says Kevin McCauley, director of networking for Utilities Kingston.

 "Our goal is to help our clients make more informed critical asset management decisions to reduce leaks, improve margins, gain competitive advantage and optimize asset management for their customers," says Phillip Briscoe, Chief Operating Officer of Rezatec. "We are very pleased to add Utilities Kingston to our growing list of international water clients spanning the United Kingdom, France, The Philippines, Australia and now Canada."

With the benefits of artificial intelligence and satellite data, Rezatec's goal is to reduce pipeline leakage by detecting the risk of leaks before they happen and as a result stop them from occurring. Work with Utilities Kingston is set to begin in November 2018 and the pilot is expected to last for up to three months.