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‘Greener’ rain barrels now available

‘Greener’ rain barrels now available

Update: rain barrel sales have closed for 2023. Please check back in spring of 2024!

Customers looking to buy sustainable products and take climate action – take note! We are now offering repurposed rain barrels that help divert waste from landfill and reduce treated water use. Order your home-delivered rain barrel today and capture spring showers for your garden!

Order online starting on April 26. You can order two rain barrels per utility account.  

By using a rain barrel, you’ll reduce your use of treated water. It takes a lot of energy to pump and treat water, so using your rain barrel to water your garden instead will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The barrels are repurposed durable plastic barrels that were once used to store food, which means you can expect to find a few minor dents and scratches on them!


Rain barrels are available to residents of the municipality of Kingston, who receive a utility bill from Utilities Kingston. Orders must be placed by the account holder. Quantities are limited and availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.


The barrels will be delivered to the service address on the account. No delivery appointment is required, and customers do not need to be home to receive their rain barrel. 


Rain barrels cost $71, including HST and delivery. This charge will be added to the customer’s Utilities Kingston bill. Utilities Kingston provides the rain barrels ‘at cost’ and does not profit from the sales.

Product information

The rain barrels are repurposed from durable plastic barrels that were once used to store food and come with a two-year manufacturer warranty. They are terracotta in colour, hold 220 litre/55 gallons and include a leaf and mosquito filter basket, spigot/tap, overflow adaptor and overflow hose. Dimensions are approximately 23 inches wide and 38 inches tall. Weight is approximately 20 lbs. 

Correction notice

A previous communication incorrectly stated the manufacturer's warranty as 10 years with two years on parts. The correct manufacturer's warranty is as follows:

  • a two year return-to-depot repair or replacement warranty is offered on all parts and workmanship under normal use from the date of purchase

Rain barrels help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Here are a few of the environmental benefits of using a rain barrel:

  • By using a rain barrel, you’ll reduce your use of treated water. It takes lots of energy to pump and treat water, so saving treated water reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Rain barrels help divert rainwater from the sanitary and storm sewer systems.
  • Rain barrels save you money by lowering your water consumption.
  • Rainwater contains minerals that are beneficial for plant growth.

How to install your rain barrel

Rain barrels are easy to install. Just follow the steps outlined on our rain barrel web page. Multiple rain barrels can be installed in tandem to increase capacity.

Watering with a rain barrel is better for your plants and conserves energy needed to treat and pump tap water. Take climate action and order your rain barrel today! 

For more information and to order online, visit