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February 22 is Pink Shirt Day

February 22 is Pink Shirt Day

The last Wednesday in February each year is recognized as Pink Shirt Day. Pink Shirt Day creates a more inclusive world by raising awareness for bullying prevention and creating safe environments for children and youth.  

Victims of bullying, witnesses of bullying and bullies themselves all experience the very real and long-term negative impacts of bullying regardless of its forms: physical, verbal, written or on-line, (cyber-bullying).

On February 22, let’s spread kindness and lift each other up – there are many ways we can all help. Whether it’s checking in with a text, or calling out bullying behaviour when you see it, offering support can make a world of difference!

With one in five students affected by bullying, chances are someone you know is being impacted. If you’re not sure what to do, reach out to someone who can help, with these resources from And remember, kindness and compassion can go a long way.  

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Utilities Kingston’s pink shirts support our local Boys and Girls Club. This year, we’re pleased to donate 100 pink shirts to youth at Kingston Secondary School, located at 145 Kirkpatrick Street. 

Visit the Kingston Boys and Girls Club website for opportunities to donate today.