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Leading the Way in Sustainable Energy and Conservation

Leading the Way in Sustainable Energy and Conservation

SWITCH – a non-profit that facilitates local sustainable energy initiatives, announced the winners of its annual Sustainable Energy Awards at its 10th anniversary luncheon. Kingston Hydro and Utilities Kingston were honoured to be recognized.

The winner of the Kingston Hydro sponsored “Conservation Award” was John’s Deli and Keith Didychuk Energy Services.  Over the past two years, they have made a consistent, concentrated effort to find and implement series of electricity efficiency investments that have reduced operating and maintenance costs significantly.  John’s Deli has invested in improved mechanical, refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC systems.  They have shown that even a smaller business can generate great economic and environmental returns by making investments in electricity conservation.

The City of Kingston sponsored “Urban Initiatives Award” went to Finn Projects, Hearthmakers Energy Cooperative, Daltco, and Phase 1 Electric. These four organizations deliver Kingston Hydro’s Small Business Lighting Program.  By working together, they made Kingston Hydro’s Small Business Lighting program one of the most effective in the province with high levels of customer satisfaction.  Their efforts helped save electricity equivalent to taking over 100 average residential customers completely off the grid in 2011 alone.

Finally, Kingston Hydro and Utilities Kingston CEO Jim Keech received the “Community Leadership Award”. This award recognizes organizations & individuals who have led, demonstrated and supported change that results in greater acceptance and uptake of sustainable energy practices and technologies. Utilities Kingston was recognized for the way its staff assists those in the community seeking to make sustainable energy investments, and for the investments in solar, bio-energy, and conservation made by the utility itself.

Congratulations to all the winners, and many thanks to all the Utilities Kingston staff that continue to make efforts that have positioned our company as a leader in sustainable energy and conservation.