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Crews respond to power outage in Central Kingston and CFB Kingston

Crews respond to power outage in Central Kingston and CFB Kingston
Crews are responding to power outages affecting 704 customers in central Kingston. We estimate that this area will be largely restored by 8 PM.  Please check our outage map for updates at
  • North of Princess and Sir John A. Macdonald area: estimated time of restoration is 6 PM
  • CFB Kingston: estimated time of restoration is 8 PM
  • Montreal/Rideau St.: the outage area is expected to be reduced by 6:30 PM
  • Ordnance <Montreal & Rideau> and Bagot <Queen & Bay>: estimated time of restoration is 8 PM

Thank you for understanding!

As we respond to this major winter storm, our website offers information so you know what to do in case of basement flooding, power outages, downed powerlines, sewer overflows and more. 

Powerline safety and outage precautions

Downed lines and tree branches

  • If you see a downed power line or tree branch that has fallen on a power line, always assume it still has electricity flowing through it, even if it isn’t sparking.
  • Stay back at least 10 metres or 33 feet (that’s about the length of a school bus) and don’t touch anything metal (such as guard rails) in the area.
  • Report it immediately by calling 911 or our emergency line at 613-546-1181. This line is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • If a power line falls on your car, the car and the ground around it may be electrified and you could be killed if you get out of the vehicle. Stay inside until the utility workers tell you it’s safe to get out. Tell everyone to stay back 10 metres or 33 feet.

Power outage precautions

Review our power outage precautions. For example:

  • Locate a phone that does not require electricity, as well as a flashlight and batteries.
  • Consider an alternate source of power for your sump pump and any medical equipment.
  • Do not use a propane barbeque, camp stove or portable standby generator indoors. They can generate dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Your carbon monoxide detector may not work in an outage.
  • Plan to turn off all appliances that will turn on automatically when power is restored.

If you have any concerns about utility equipment, contact the Utilities Kingston 24-hour line at 613-546-1181. Never use social media to report a utility issue or emergency.

To protect worker and public safety, please slow down and follow all signs when our crews are at work.