City’s oldest in-service water tower is getting new paint

July 31, 2018

City’s oldest in-service water tower is getting new paint

In 2017, we completed an engineering condition assessment on this 60-year-old critical drinking water infrastructure, located on Tower Street.  This included a thorough review of structural elements, current code compliance, foundations, and coatings. In general, the tower was found to be in good condition and structurally sound. In order to protect the steel from corroding and extend the life of the infrastructure, we identified the need to remove and replace the exterior paint.

The $2.3 million contract has been awarded to Jacques Daoust Coatings Management Inc. (JDCMI). The work will involve removing the existing coating via sandblasting, and applying a new coating. The work is expected to begin immediately, with a duration of five months.  A summary of the work includes the following:

  • Erect scaffolding and full containment system to enclose the water tower.
  • Use sandblasting to remove the existing paint.
  • Prepare the surface for new paint application.
  • Apply new protective coating and the text “KINGSTON”. To maintain consistency with the other elevated water towers in the City of Kingston (Creekford Road, O’Connor Drive and Innovation Drive), the tower will be painted in white, with blue lettering.

Prior testing has confirmed that the existing paint contains lead.  The contract includes stringent requirements for health and safety for all aspects of the work, and more specifically related to lead removal and disposal.  We will adhere to strict requirements for the removal, storage, testing, and disposal of the removed material. The new application of paint will not contain lead. While the water tower will be out of service during this work, operational arrangements will ensure that water services are maintained without interruption.