Trees Are Our Friends!

Trees are important to the beauty, comfort, health and safety of our community. For example, they play a role in providing quality tap water by slowing storm water and reducing run-off pollution that otherwise ends up in Lake Ontario, Kingston’s source of drinking water.

Downed overhead line?

If you see a downed overhead line or tree branch that has fallen on an overhead line, always assume it’s energized and dangerous!

Stay away and report it immediately by calling 613-546-1181. This line is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Right Tree in the Right Place

Utilities Kingston aims to reduce the environmental impact of delivering utility services. When the right tree is planted in the right place, it helps to ensure the safety and reliability of gas, water, wastewater and electricity infrastructure, while protecting the trees themselves.

In the Kingston Hydro electricity distribution area, tree contact with live wires is a leading cause of unplanned power outages. Local distribution companies like Kingston Hydro are required by regulation to maintain minimum clearances between overhead lines and vegetation.

Tree roots can block sewer mains and services, putting your home at risk of sewage back-ups. Other underground services, including water, gas, and electric can be disrupted by tree roots, causing potential safety concerns.

Planting trees close to underground services also puts the trees at risk: when crews dig to repair a utility service, tree roots can be damaged.

Before digging a hole to plant a tree on your property, follow these guidelines to promote health and safety, ensure the reliability of utility infrastructure, and protect the trees.

  • Call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 to receive a free utility locate of underground water, sewer, gas, and electric infrastructure
  • Locate overhead power lines
  • Check the maximum growing height of the species you want to plant
  • Plan the proper planting location

Also, check the Tree Planting and Trimming Guidelines from the Electrical Safety Authority.

Supporting Tree Research and Education

Utilities Kingston is a proud supporter of the Tree Fund

Utilities Kingston was pleased to help sponsor the 2013 STIHL Tour des Trees, which provides education on trees in our community and helps to fund academic research in arboriculture and urban forestry across North America.

On Wednesday, July 31, the cyclists of the STIL Tour des Trees, North America’s largest fundraiser for tree research, travelled from Watertown, N.Y. to Kingston, and continued on their weeklong, 585-mile cycling adventure to raise awareness of the need for tree research and funds for the Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund (TREE Fund).

Professor Pricklethorn emphasizing, 'I will plan the right tree in the right place'

From Watertown they travelled by ferry to Kingston, and cycled to the newly renovated Lake Ontario Park. Veteran Tour cyclist and Toronto native Warren Hoselton, aka Professor Elwood Pricklethorn, headlined a children’s education program focusing on how trees grow and the important benefits they provide.

Certified arborists pledge to
“plant the right tree in the right place”

Warren Hoselton, aka Professor Elwood Pricklethorn
(with the City of Toronto)
and Eugene Connors (with the City of Kingston)