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Are you planning to install a new water meter in a single or multi-unit residential or commercial building? Please complete the information on this page and submit it to Utilities Kingston, so we can determine the right water meter size for your build. 

Questions or concerns? Please contact our meter shop by email at or by calling 613-546-1181, extension 2201. 


  1. print this page, complete the information from Step 1-3, and scan/email it to
  2. for multi-unit buildings, please include a sizing sheet for each unit
  3. must include existing and fixtures proposed in new developments, must also be calculated in litres per minute (lpm)

Once we receive the complete information, our team will contact you for meter pick-up, within two business days.

Step 1: please indicate:

Is this meter/meters for:

  • Single family dwelling _______________________________
  • Multi-unit _________________________________________
  • Commercial business ________________________________

Step 2: please provide your contact information:

  • First and last name ________________________________________
  • Service address ___________________________________________
  • Email address _____________________________________________
  • Phone number ____________________________________________

Step 3: complete the below table:

Sum of all fixtures Sum of load Sum of all fixtures x sum of load
Fixture type Fixture unit FU load/fixture (lpm) Total fixture units
Bathroom or bar sink
Bathtub or tub/shower 
Shower, standalone 
Kitchen sink
Clothes washer
Laundry sink
Hose bib – first
Additional hose bibs 
Totals (litres per minute, lpm):