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Terms and conditions

  1. The Preventative Plumbing Rebate Program (“the Program”) will be administered by Utilities Kingston.

  2. Eligible Buildings

    To be eligible for consideration for participation in the Program, the proponent must:

    1. be located in the Utilities Kingston sewer service area;
    2. have a residential water and sewer account with Utilities Kingston;
    3. be classified as a single-family detached, semi-detached, row-house, duplex or triplex residential building; and,
    4. not have applied more than twice to the Preventative Plumbing Program in the past calendar year; limit two per owner per year
  3. Conditions for Payment

    Payment of an incentive under the Program will be conditional on:

    1. Pre-approval by Utilities Kingston of all proposed projects;
    2. complete eligible work(s) as pre-approved;
    3. the Applicant providing access to the building after the eligible work for inspection to permit an inspector authorized by Utilities Kingston to verify that the work(s) completed is eligible for an incentive under the Program, and is as described in pre-approval or financial assistance application documentation. Utilities Kingston may require the proponent to provide photographic evidence showing the pre and post project condition with respect to the eligible work(s).
    4. exclusion of the incentive amount paid by Utilities Kingston to the Applicant for the eligible work(s) under the Program from the costs listed in any application for a rent increase over and above the maximum increase normally permitted under Ontario law or otherwise;
  4. Selection of Participants

    Utilities Kingston wishes to pay the incentives available under the Program on a fair basis to a broad range of eligible applicants, and therefore will take such steps as it deems appropriate to ensure that no single applicant receives a disproportionate share, regardless of whether or not the Program monies are exhausted.

    Utilities Kingston reserves the right to limit the number or amount of incentives offered to any single customer or facility.

  5. Application Deadline and Potential Extensions

    Following the commencement of the Program, if Utilities Kingston determines that the number of acceptable applications is sufficient for the purposes of the Program, it will refuse all future applications.

  6. Proof of Compliance

    In order for the Applicant to become entitled to the financial incentive for participating in the program, Application documentation must be properly completed so as to identify the building, proposed measures, and acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Applicant, Utilities Kingston must pre-approve the application, and the applicant must submit the following documentation upon project completion:

    1. Fully completed Assessment Form, as provided by Utilities Kingston.
    2. Copy of Utilities Kingston Recommendation to Proceed.
    3. CD/DVD containing a copy of Closed Circuit Television Inspection of the home plumbing and/or lateral clearly indicating any foundation drain connections (if completed).
    4. Copy of all Permits acquired for Eligible Works, as required by local Building Code.
    5. Original clearly-itemized invoices/receipts detailing the work completed.
    6. All required signatures on the Assessment and Application Forms.

    Utilities Kingston shall make payment of any financial incentives due under the program within approximately 90 days of submission of the material described in subparagraph 6, subject to the Applicant’s compliance with the Program’s Terms and Conditions.

  7. Applicant’s Responsibility

    Each selected Applicant must assume all financial and other responsibility for:

    1. identifying the potential eligible work(s) for pre-approval;
    2. choosing the installers of any eligible work(s)
    3. the completion of any pre-approved eligible work(s);
    4. any preparatory plumbing work or any plumbing repair work that is required to complete the eligible work(s);
    5. ensuring that all plumbing work required is done in accordance with Ontario plumbing regulations by appropriately licensed persons.
    6. any work considered non-eligible required to achieve full compliance with City Bylaw 2008-192 Clauses 3.8-3.11.
    7. any and all liability related to the eligible work(s) for which incentive payments are applied for and/or issued.
    8. all restoration expenses.
  8. Provision to Utilities Kingston of Information and Access

    Each selected Applicant must provide Utilities Kingston with access during the installation period and/or after the installation for a period up to six (6) months from the “Final Submission” to verify the installation and/or to verify that the eligibility of each piece of equipment installed, if Utilities Kingston so requests.

    Utilities Kingston shall be entitled to use aggregated information and other data concerning Program participants in reports and/or promotional materials produced by and/or for Utilities Kingston.

    Utilities Kingston will only approve Program applications if the Applicant submits all required forms, calculations, or other materials, and the information contained therein, directly to Utilities Kingston

  9. Disclaimer and Release

    Utilities Kingston makes no representation or warranty regarding the performance of any of the eligible work(s). Utilities Kingston makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, relating to the competence, workmanship, or suitability of any party. By submitting an Application each Applicant will be taken to have fully and unreservedly released Utilities Kingston with respect to any and all actions, causes and actions, claims and demands for damages, loss or injury arising out of or in any way related or connected to the handling of the form or information contained therein.

  10. “The Program” is subject to change and or cancellation without notice.