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Transparent LAN services

With today's networks increasingly becoming faster, organizations are looking to push applications from between Local Area Networks (LAN) over the Wide Area Network (WAN) in a seamless or transparent manner — with convenience and performance as if all users were in the same location.

Adding VLANs to improve performance

Network administrators can segregate traffic for departments or applications throughout the enterprise network by implementing Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) for each. VLANs enable the setting of priorities necessary to deliver quality of service guarantees appropriate to each communication. Multiple VLANs can be added as required to support your growing requirements to support various classes of service.

Hassle-free network expansion

Expand networks with proven, familiar Ethernet technology. Our protected fibre optic core WAN provides native Gigabyte Ethernet. With Virtual LAN (VLAN) technology, networks can be logically connected without having to be physically rewired, saving you time and money, while keeping your network traffic private and secure.

Choice of access interfaces

Choose any one or any combination of access speeds to suit your needs — Ethernet (10Mbps), Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) and Gigabyte Ethernet (1 Gbps). Our service is fully scalable so you can upgrade speed of access easily and quickly. And down the road, when you're ready for 10 Gbps service, we have that too.

Cost-effective alternative

Compared to dedicated connections such as private lines, Ethernet WAN, LAN is a cost-effective alternative for point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connections. It eliminates the need for costly LAN integrating equipment while delivering a competitively priced, distance independent method of connection.

Improved Internet price and performance

Integrate high-speed Internet service for any or all locations on your Metro LAN network using the same physical access circuit, saving on costs and delivering operational efficiencies. Internet access can be aggregated in one or two locations to save money and improve security and performance.

Highly competitive pricing

Using only the very latest in fibre optic and wireless technology means we can provide more efficient and reliable service without the burden of integrating legacy technologies. Moreover, with our lower overheads and a focus on data services, we generate cost savings, which we pass on to all of our customers.

Industry-leading standards

Utilities Kingston's high service standards of 99.999% network availability and sub 4-hours mean-time-to-repair apply to TLS services. And our Service Level Agreements spell out our commitments in writing. And there is no fine print.

In summary, some of the benefits of TLS to you are:

  • Customers can achieve greater centralization of servers and applications.
  • Network Administrators can centralize the service and support of IT equipment, reducing hardware costs at remote sites.
  • Enhanced security and lower latency with Layer 2 connectivity.
  • LAN speeds of up to 1 Gbps between remote sites.
  • Prioritization enhances performance and security of applications for each community of interest across the network.
  • Reduced public gateway (Internet) overheads and centralized firewall improve security and performance of Internet traffic.