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Larger companies need fixed Internet bandwidth they can count on. Medium to small companies need high bandwidth but not all the time. With flexible service packages and pricing options backed up by industry-leading standards for reliability and service, Utilities Kingston can meet your business' IP traffic patterns for Internet, intranet and extranet connectivity.

Utilities Kingston's business Internet is a dynamic and cost-effective solution whether you are well-established enterprise or growth-oriented small businesses.

Handles high-bandwidth applications

With high-speed symmetrical access from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbpsover our protected fibre optic and wireless network, data-rich applications can be easily accommodated. High-traffic applications such as e-mail and e-commerce are handled with equal efficiency and security.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network, is an IP-based network that is constructed by using publicly accessible wires to connect nodes. For example, these systems use encryption and other security mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access the network and that the data cannot be intercepted. Through Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology provided by Utilities Kingston employees and authorized users can access your network quickly and securely from remote locations. Through VPN applications employees are able to work efficiently from home, suppliers and partners can be provided access to specific data thus removing distance as a barrier to effective communication.

Reliable and responsive service

Utilities Kingston's dedicated business Internet service provides 24-hour "always on" access through a data circuit between your premises and our data centre. Monitored around the clock by our state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre, network availability is an industry-leading 99.999% and mean time to repair is 4 hours. Through a time-triggered escalation process, appropriate resources are deployed to ensure all service issues are rapidly resolved.

Redundancy built in

Utilities Kingston's over 1,000 km fibre optic network has a high level of core redundancy. And at our data centre, redundant access routers, layer 2 switches and layer 3 core routers deliver data packets multihomed to the Internet to every tier one Internet Service Provider in Canada. This next generation infrastructure means your packets get there faster, securely and cheaper.

Benefits of our dedicated Internet service

Below are some of the benefits our dedicated Internet service offers you:

  • Fully symmetrical upload and download speeds ideal for VPN connections between sites.
  • Connections that scale dynamically as your Internet consumption needs grow eliminating costs and delays for additional installations.
  • The flexibility to choose dedicated or burstable bandwidth to suit your needs.
  • Unlimited static IP Addresses as justified.
  • Multihomed to all tier one ISPs provides higher availability and lower latency than single source providers.
  • Ability to occasionally adjust bandwidth for special circumstances - if you need to temporarily increase your service, just call or click us and we will upgrade your service for as long as you need it.