2017 Achievements

Streetlights and Traffic Signals Achievements 2017 Click to enlarge
Installed 20 streetlights and straightened 17poles. Replaced 33 end-of-life poles, visually inspected 1000 poles (21 poles were prioritized for replacement), built or rebuilt 3 intersections, installed 18 UPS batteries at 3 intersections, and 6 pedestrian crossovers.

What's the context? 
We've provided data on our achievements in 2017. If you're looking for additional context on how much overall infrastructure we maintain, check out our overview infographics.

Our ongoing partnership with the City of Kingston helps to ensure the safe and reliable operation of streetlights and traffic signals. 

Uninterruptible Power at Critical Intersections

In 2017, we installed 18 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries at three intersections. In total, we’ve installed UPS back up at 82 critical intersections throughout the city. Kingston has 188 intersections operated by Utilities Kingston. 

In the event of a power outage, the UPS allow for safe and efficient traffic flow, providing power for three to six hours. 

Flashing Left Turn Arrows

Green left turn arrows at intersections with advanced left turns are now flashing to draw more attention and improve efficiency at the intersection.   

Traffic Signal Timing Improvements

We work closely with the City of Kingston Traffic Division in an ongoing effort to minimize stops and delays for motorists as much as possible. In 2017, we made timing changes at all 188 intersections operated by Utilities Kingston.

Transit Signal Priority

We installed transit signal priority at three intersections. Working with Kingston Transit, the intent of this pilot project is to allow buses to arrive and travel through intersections with reduced delay, thereby improving efficiency and reliability of Kingston's public transit system.

Detectors distinguish buses from other vehicles. They then give priority to transit buses by manipulating the traffic lights to give the buses a green light.

We installed detectors at Princess Street and Gardiners Road, Princess Street and Midland Avenue, and Princess Street and Bayridge Drive.

Express bus parked in front of City Hall

Photo courtesy Kingston Transit.

Park LED Lighting

We installed or replaced LED lights at Neil McArthur Park, Starr Reid Park, Headway Park and O’Connor Park, for reliable and energy-efficient lighting while reducing light pollution and maintenance costs.

The playground equipment at O'Connor Park

Photo of O'Connor Park, courtesy City of Kingston.