Public involvement helps us engage our community in meaningful conversations as we learn to better serve our customers and support Kingston’s goal of becoming A Smart and Livable 21st Century City.

Building our Community

Employees raised $25,564.16 for United Way KFL&A, achieving the Cornerstone Achievement Award and Sapphire Britton Smith Foundation Leadership Award. Congratulations! 

United Way Committee
Members of our United Way committee.

Utilities Kingston electricity crews built and installed an osprey nesting platform in the heart of the Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre. We donated a wood pole that was no longer in service, as well as the time and materials to build and install the platform.  

Our journeypersons are joined by representatives from Queen's University,
Our journeypersons are joined by representatives from Queen's University,

Twenty Years Incorporated; 150 Years Serving Kingston!

​​​​​​​In 2020, we proudly celebrated 20 years since the incorporation of Utilities Kingston.  We’ve been serving Kingston, in one form or another, since 1847, when we were known as the Kingston Gas Light Company.

We have a long-standing history of helping to build our community, and our customers place their trust in us. Thank you to all employees for your contributions, as we continue to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of utility services.

Boards and Memberships

We’re part of the fabric of our community and proud to serve on these boards and memberships: 


Through local sponsorship, we give back to the community we serve:

SLC Award Recipient
Congratulations to Jeremy Skibinski, recipient of the Kingston Hydro Award for Sustainable Energy Leadership award, 2020

Innovation through Research Partnerships

Continued improvement and innovation are our focus in these recent research partnerships. Thanks to our partners for these opportunities!

  • Queen’s University, Beaty Water Research Centre – Wastewater Surveillance Program initial research for SARS CoV-2 prevalence in area with low case counts of COVID-19.
  • Queen’s University on their NSERC-funded project “Pipe Liner Evaluations and Connection Studies (“PipeLEACS”).
  • Queen’s University MITACS project for Utilities Kingston on “Optimizing Anaerobic Digester Start-up and Operation”, and evaluation of Island Water Technologies biological activity sensor as an indicator of digester health.
  • Queen’s University TEAM Project “Kingston Municipal Campus Solar Carport Feasibility Assessment”.
  • GridSmartCity-McMaster University “ICE-HARVEST”  research project,  an Integrated Community Energy system, using a small generator to generate electricity, and  harvesting the waste heat from the generator to use in a community energy system.