Our Year in 2020

In 2020, our employees persisted through the challenges of the pandemic, to ensure health and safety, and that our customers could continue to rely on the utility services we provide every day. Here are some of our highlights for the year!

Ensuring Worker and Public Health and Safety

Health and Safety 2020 Click to enlarge
In 2020 we provided 1510 hours of health and safety training and hosted 33 training sessions. We completed 18 COVID-19 risk assessments, policies and procedures. We conducted 62 formal staff safety evaluations and responded to 7202 utility locate requests - and we responded within 5 business days, 98% of the time. We conducted 132 sewer safety inspections, with no cross bores found.

Did you know that in 2020 we responded to over seven thousand requests to locate underground utility services and ensure public safety? We created 18 COVID-19 Risk Assessments, Policies and Procedures , making sure everyone goes home safe at the end of day.

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Progress by Utility

Electricity Achievements 2020 Click to enlarge
In 2020, we installed 81 poles (replacing 76), installed 7 kilometres of overhead wire, installed 19 pole-top transformers, installed 3 kilometres of underground cable, maintained 16 distribution substations, installed 5 pad-mount transformers, inspected 310 transformer vaults and pad-mount equipment, visually inspected 1788 electric poles, discovered 82 defects to address via infrared scanning, installed 64 line switches, inspected 65 maintenance holes, replaced or installed 1301 electricity meters, trimmed trees to ensure safety and reliability.

We’re proud of the unique multi-utility model in Kingston. It allows for the efficient coordination of projects that combine water, sewer, gas, electricity, streetlights and traffic signals, and road works. This leads to timely and cost-effective completion of projects, with less disruption to you. 

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