Multi-residential Toilet Replacement Rebate

Landlords and tenants face structural barriers that make investments in water efficiency less cost effective. To help overcome these barriers Utilities Kingston offers a rebate for replacement of inefficient toilets in multi-residential properties with three or more individual units.

The rebate offers $60 per toilet for replacement of toilets that use 13 Litres per flush (Lpf) or more with dual flush that use a maximum of 6 Lpf or single flush toilets that use 4.8 Lpf or less. Social Housing providers can receive up to $125 per toilet. Multi-residential buildings have demonstrated water use reductions of 35% after replacing toilets with High Efficiency models.

Those wishing to take advantage of the toilet replacement rebate need to fill out a pre-approval form before toilets are replaced. A pre-project inspection and/or digital photos of the existing toilets may be required by Utilities Kingston. Once the project is approved by Utilities Kingston and the toilets are replaced, proponents may claim their toilet replacement incentive by submitting required receipts and proof of installation. Utilities Kingston may then inspect to confirm installation of qualifying toilets.

Utilities Kingston does not offer toilet rebates to homeowners who pay their own water bill. Based on current Utilities Kingston water rates, replacement of high flush volume toilets in owner-occupied residences typically have a financial payback of 2 to 5 years while improving the property value. Investing in faucet aerators, high efficiency shower heads, and considering water efficiency when purchasing new appliances have similar or better paybacks. Since water efficiency is such a good financial investment for those who own their home and pay their own water bill, Utilities Kingston feels that conservation dollars are better spent in areas where financial barriers prevent water efficiency investments.

Toilet Rebate Application & Conditions 
CMHC Toilet Purchasing Guide