Preventative Plumbing Program Application Form

Complete and submit this application form BEFORE starting eligible works. First review the frequently asked questions, program guide, and terms and conditions. If you are applying to this program for multiple properties, please complete one form per account number. 

Building Details (on which eligible work will be done)
Utilities Kingston Billing Account Info:
To your knowledge, has this address
previously experienced a sewage backup:
Applicant Information

Preferred method of communication:
Eligible Works (type of work eligible for rebates)

The following is a simplified list of works that may be eligible under this program. See the program guide for more details on eligible works and eligible costs.

  • Installation of backwater sanitary valve
  • Capping of foundation drain
  • Installation of sump & pump system
  • Disconnection of existing sump pump from sanitary sewer

By clicking on Submit, I agree that I am the owner of the above building and property and have the authority to execute this application. I have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.