Preventative Plumbing Program Application Form

Utilities Kingston is searching for a new program manager and is currently not accepting applications to the Preventative Plumbing Program. Our goal is to have a new program manager in place by the fall of 2019.

Building Details (on which eligible work will be done)
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previously experienced a sewage backup:
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Eligible Works (type of work eligible for rebates)

The following is a simplified list of works that may be eligible under this program. See the program guide for more details on eligible works and eligible costs.

  • Installation of backwater sanitary valve
  • Capping of foundation drain
  • Installation of sump & pump system
  • Disconnection of existing sump pump from sanitary sewer

By clicking on Submit, I agree that I am the owner of the above building and property and have the authority to execute this application. I have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.