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2022 Gas Main Replacement Project

2022 Gas Main Replacement Project

Project background

The purpose of this project is to replace aging infrastructure to ensure safe and reliable distribution of natural gas to our customers. Each year, Utilities Kingston replaces infrastructure based on pipe condition assessment and maintenance requirements, in coordination with city-wide road reconstruction priorities to determine which areas will be replaced.

In order to minimize traffic impacts at this key location, trenchless (no-dig) technologies will be used to the greatest extent possible. Traffic updates will be communicated through Twitter @UtilitesKngstn closer to the time of construction.

Utilities Kingston will commence its annual gas main replacement work beginning this summer and continuing into the fall.  This year, work will take place in three separate areas:

Lower Union from King to Ontario

Large diameter assets in this area require replacement due to life cycle and corrosion prevention considerations. 

Calvin Park Area - Norman Rogers, Roden, Pember

Replacement of the existing steel gas infrastructure with new polyethylene piping will be performed.   Customers with existing gas piping which is the same vintage as the gas main will also receive a replacement gas service line. Affected customers will receive a notice in their mailbox and a UK staff will be in touch with you before any interruption to your service occurs. 

Services affected

  • Gas


Please contact the project manager at the information shown below for more information about the project and how it may a impact your residence or business.

Design and Construction

Work will involve open cut trenching to install replacement pipe along the required routes. Generally, the trench will be located at or near the edge of the asphalt or sidewalk. As we work along the street, several driveway crossings will be required, but businesses will have access to their parking lots at all times. All roads and driveways impacted due to construction will be repaired in accordance with City of Kingston roadway standards.

Emergency services, and garbage/recycling pickup schedules will not be impacted by this work and will operate normally during construction.

If you live within the construction area, your building may require a new service line. Service replacement will only be done where required and all work including restoration of the landscaping will be done at no cost to you. Service interruptions will also be required for these replacements and Utilities Kingston will be in touch with you if such an interruption is required. All interruptions will be extremely brief, typically less than thirty-minutes, and will be coordinated with you by Utilities Kingston staff.

Schedule and Project Downloads

The approximate schedule for this project is as follows.

Approximate Schedule for this Project:
Activity: Time Frame:
Detailed design phase Completed
Public Information Session (Open House) Please contact for more information
Construction Lower Union (King to Ontario): July 11 - Aug 15
Calvin Park Area (Norman Rogers, Roden and Pember): Aug 15 - Oct 30


For further information or to provide comments on the Gas Main Replacement Program, or if you wish to be added to the stakeholder contact list, please contact Utilities Kingston as follows:

Utilities Kingston
David Fegan, P.Eng
Utilities Engineer
85 Lappan’s Lane
Kingston, ON K7L 4X7
Office: 613-546-1181, extension 2302