#ygkHaveYourSay on Twitter and give feedback on electricity plans

June 03, 2019

#ygkHaveYourSay on Twitter and give feedback on electricity plans

Join the conversation and give your feedback to our electricity plans from June 3-7 on Twitter. Just follow @utilitieskngstn and the #ygkHaveYourSay hashtag.

Kingston Hydro is submitting to the Ontario Energy Board its electricity distribution plan that will help determine the company’s priorities and rates beginning in 2021. Utilities Kingston is providing opportunities for its electricity customers to provide feedback on the following:

  •  factors relating to the reliability of the Kingston Hydro electricity distribution system
  •  spending decisions over the next several years
  •  how to meet our customers’ changing electricity service and conservation needs while considering rapidly changing information, communication and grid technologies

All feedback collected will be included with Kingston Hydro’s application to its regulator, the Ontario Energy Board, as part of the rate setting process.

Date: June 3-7

Location: On Twitter, by following @utilitieskngston and #ygkHaveYourSay

Utilities Kingston Experts:

Questions will be answered by drawing on the expertise of the following individuals:

  • Jim Keech, President and CEO
  • Randy Murphy, Chief Financial Officer
  • Jim Miller, Director of Engineering
  • Audrey Jones, Manager of Customer Relations
  • Sherry Gibson, Regulatory Analyst
  • Caitlin Newey, Conservation Officer

Background materials:

Informing our customers is an important part of this engagement. Review our five-minute video and view the presentation slides (Accessible PDF).

Topics of the Twitter conversation will include:

How does Utilities Kingston provide value to customers?

Benefits of the unique multi-utility model here in Kingston include cost savings and customer service advantages.

What are the proposed infrastructure priorities starting in 2021?

Learn more about infrastructure priorities by watching the video linked above.

Proposed priorities, to ensure the continued safety, reliability and environmental sustainability of the Kingston Hydro electricity distribution system, include the following:

  • Replacing underground cable: cable faults are a main cause of emergency outages with long restoration times. Some cables are 70 plus years old and cannot handle today’s electricity load.
  • Underground transformer vaults: aged transformer vaults need to be replaced for public and worker safety. To safely operate old oil switches, we must force power outages. Vault equipment provides flexibility to the local grid, yet parts for aged equipment can be impossible to source.  
  • Substation upgrades: Municipal Substation Number One supplies electricity to the downtown core. Much of the equipment dates back to the 1930’s. Old power transformers and oil circuit breakers are deteriorating. With power loads reaching critical capacities, failure is becoming imminent. Replacing equipment will provide capacity for our downtown and ensure a reliable supply of electricity.

We’d like to hear from you on the following:

  • What is most important to you?
  • What are we doing well that you’d like us to continue?
  • What would you like us to start doing?

So, #ygkHaveYourSay and join the conversation on Twitter, June 3-7. Just follow @utilitieskngstn.