More than halfway to meeting 2020 conservation goal

November 15, 2018

More than halfway to meeting 2020 conservation goal

Thanks to electricity conservation programs – and great customer participation – Utilities Kingston is more than halfway to meeting Kingston Hydro’s Conservation First Framework target of saving 34.5 GWh from 2015 to 2020, as set by the Independent Electricity System Operator.

“Customer participation is the key to the success of these conservation efforts. Our customers are seeing the value in making energy-saving changes. They see that saving energy makes their businesses and homes more affordable,” says Jim Keech, president and CEO of Utilities Kingston. He notes that conservation is the cleanest, most economical way to increase the capacity and extend the life of the electrical system – and reduce the environmental impact of delivering utility services.

From 2015 to 2017, Utilities Kingston and its electricity customers, on behalf of Kingston Hydro, have saved an average of 6,426 MWh/year – or enough to power 2,100 homes.  These results helped the province realize a 1.8 TWh of energy savings in 2017, the highest performing year to date.

Utilities Kingston helped more than 500 local customer projects access funding through the province’s Save on Energy programs including:

  • 210 Heating and Cooling program projects
  • 120 Retrofit program projects
  • 106 Home Assistance program projects
  • 30 Audits
  • 23 Save on Energy Whole Home projects
  • One Process and Systems Upgrade program project

Utilities Kingston has also delivered 73,559 Powerful Insights reports (from 2016 to date) to help electricity customers find ways to save energy in their homes.