Ontario’s Fair Hydro Plan

March 14, 2018

Ontario’s Fair Hydro Plan

You may soon notice that we're presenting information on your bill regarding how much Ontario's Fair Hydro Plan has saved you. Please note, since it was introduced in 2017, there are no further changes to how it is calculated. We’re simply telling you how much the Fair Hydro Plan has saved you on your bill. 

As part of this plan, electricity bills are lowered by 25 per cent on average for residential consumers and rate increases will be held to inflation for four years.

The benefit will vary for individual consumers depending on electricity usage and service territory. These measures include the eight per cent rebate introduced in January 2017 and build on previous initiatives to deliver broad-based relief on all electricity bills.

To find out more, including information for both residents and businesses, visit ontario.ca/FairHydroPlan. Questions about your Utilities Kingston bill can be addressed to customer service, Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, by calling 613-546-0000.