Notice of Project: Ravensview Septage Receiving Station

April 11, 2018

Notice of Project: Ravensview Septage Receiving Station

Utilities Kingston is informing the public that we will construct a new station to receive septage haulers at the Ravensview Wastewater Treatment Plant, located in the east end of Kingston.

Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in the summer of 2018. While this work is not expected to impact sewer services in the area, residents may notice minor construction noise and traffic.

The work will consist of the following:

  • An access road and remote unloading bay for septage haulers.
  • A two-storey septage receiving building.
  • The access road and unloading bay will be located outside the plant perimeter fence. This will permit hauler access.
  • The septage receiving building will be located inside the fence. It will house a pretreatment unit for screening and grit removal of septage, as well as an odour treatment unit.

The new works are designed to be in compliance with all applicable regulations. The Notice of Project exceeds the minimum notification requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process. Utilities Kingston has received Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Environmental Compliance Approval, Air and Noise, and Sewage for the works.

For additional information, please consult our project web page